Friday, November 26, 2010

Who is OFFING or DISAPPEARING our Experts and Scientists?

So what do YOU think?

"Disappeared Swan Doctor"

FROM ANITA: The email communication on this story was done between me and Lauren Hallahan, who is local here in Tampa Bay and I know her personally. I then passed the info on to Deborah Dupre. Lauren Hallahan is a political professional and is the blogger of local and national politics through the Hallahan Report and she knew the Swan Doctor personally. She was following up the story up to the day she realized that his office has been shut down and his number disconnected. I am CCing her on this email. The swan doctor's office was in Lakeland, FL. This doctor's work was cutting edge and he was a world reknowned expert on birds and in particular, swans. He would even be flown to England to work on the Queen's swans.

Dr. Gardner is here in this video from Sept:


Young US Mosquito Scientist from University of South Florida in Tampa Mysteriously Dies From Cyanide Heart Attack

33 years old and leaves behind a 3 year old child and young husband.

Story here:
Police: USF biologist dies in an apparent suicide by cyanide

'USF is known nationally for its work in the medical sciences and biotechnology; marine science and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems); engineering, and nanotechnology and medical science. The university's reputation as one of the top 60 public research universities in the country has blossomed with total university research funding reaching $290 million in 2004. The National Science Research Foundation ranks USF 29th among all universities in medical science research and development expenditures'.
(Also has contracts, both open and projected with BP).


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