Saturday, November 13, 2010

To 911 Truth--The 2nd 911 Has Already Happened!!!

The biggest 2nd 911 there is, is the OIL CATASTROPHE in the Gulf which is a controlled poisoning with toxins in the crude, the dispersants used, the drilling mud...the effects were the quick killing of almost all flora and fauna and the present process of the slow poisoning and eventual killing of people, into the MILLIONS...but don't see many people on board in regards to the questioning of our leaders or holding our government accountable. Most people continue to think that what is happening here is a conspiracy theory.

Everyone is talking about all of these other issues while people are slowly dying in the Gulf Region because they are getting horribly sick...and a good bulk of us that live here have no medical care or money to relocate...what gives? We are in sad need of doctors who have not been bought off or threatened by BP, other licensed medical professionals, free clinics, detox supplies and a host of other things...such as safe places so people can evacuate their children...(who breathe in more toxins per body mass than their parents).

We need respirators...we need help for people who have no work (oil and fishing industries gone) and are trying desperately to keep their homes or relocate after they have been tossed out of them...people need help just paying their light bills...AND most importantly, we need $$$ to independently water and soil test, and we have to cherry pick labs to work with since most of them have been bought off or threatened by the KING--BP. And no government help for people that this is a public health issue. The CDC left the area on August 20th, no one I know that is sick ever spoke to a CDC official and did not even know that they were in the Gulf Region.

The sick people cannot deal with these problems. The issues are here and now. And while I believe that we need an independent, unbiased investigation of what happened on 911, I am living in the present moment by trying to increase awareness about what is happening here in the Gulf Region and the Gulf of Toxico. Most people that do not live here either do not address this, refuse to believe it or are in denial.




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