Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miami-area: 35-40 large birds reported "floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil"

Wildlife officials rescue Turkey Vultures, WSVN, November 10, 2010:

Wildlife officials have rescued some turkey vultures that were found floating in a South Florida Bay. A passing boater contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Center after spotting the lethargic vultures floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil. Rescuers took the birds to the Bird of Prey Center at the Miami Science Museum for treatment. "We're gonna give them fluids; warm them up. These birds are probably all hypothermic, so a lot of supportive care and none of them appear to have any fractures, said employee Meranda Dickey of the Miami Science Museum. "We're going to get weights on all of them, and we'll take it from there." FWC is still investigating to see if any crimes were committed, but scientists said the birds may simply have gotten lost and became dangerously disoriented.

Transcript Excerpts

Biologists mind-boggled by a depressing discovery in Biscayne Bay.

Birds flapping in the water...

Turkey Vultures, dozens of them.

Birds sporadically dispersed... about a mile slick of 'em

35-40 birds floating...

They were swimming towards the boat...

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