Saturday, November 27, 2010

THE SMOKING GUN about COREXIT/OIL SPILL REFUSE & OTHER CONTAMINANTS next to a POW WOW...what would the Great Spirit say about THIS?

Some photos taken by a friend in a coastal area of Louisiana are here and one photo in particular is the smoking gun!
The authorities said they stopped spraying Corexit on July 12-19th, 2010 (depending on who you speak to).
The pic of the canister with the GREEN LABEL is very telling. It is clearly labeled August 10TH.
And this is a military use canister.
The black canisters just had lot numbers and hazard labels on them.

I will post the location that these pictures were taken later along with the photographer's name very soon...there are some other things being checked out first...this is at the request of the photographer. I do have permission to post the pictures. These pictures were taken TODAY (Nov 27th, 2010)

This area was a dumping ground of old canisters, some empty, boom and other refuse in addition to a pumping center so skiffs with the boat dispensers could refuel their tanks full of poisons and continue spraying the Gulf of Mexico.

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