Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Report from the Swan Doctor in Lakeland re: Dead Swans in Sarasota in late September

Swans were a big story when Testing the Water had a Sarasota sand sample at 173ppm on Sept 22nd.
Since then that same sample was "fingerprint" tested and found to be an exact match to the oil and contaminants from the Macondo well site in the Gulf of Mexico.
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What is even more mysterious is this:
Email below is from my friend Lauren Hallahan who is following up this story and has found out today that the esteemed swan expert, Dr. Gardner (who would be flown to England to work on the Queen's swans) has mysteriously closed up shop, retired, does not respond to emails and his office phone has been disconnected.

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Subject: Report from the Swan Doctor in Lakeland (Dead Swans in Sarasota)
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I want everyone to know...I have been keeping in contact with Dr. Jeffeory Garnder, the Swan Dr. in Lakeland, FL.  He was testing the dead swans found in Sarasota.  While everyone was waiting for the report...I kept calling.  The first call I was told, "the report will be faxed right up here when it's finished" and I'll share it with you.
My next call I was told the report is finished, it's on Dr. Gardner's desk.  I asked how long it would sit there before it is shared, or released?  She said she is so busy she did not know.
I called two weeks before the election.  I spoke to the Dr's son.  He assured me, his father would never "hide" anything, and was very busy and the report would be released soon.  He stated if it were "life threatening", it would of course be released immediately.  I said...alright...when should I call back?  He said give it another week, we are so busy. 
I called today, and the number was disconnected.  I called because I emailed him at swanvet@aol.com and for the first time, I did not get a response.  So I called another office number and reached a girl. 
Here is what she told me:
"I'm sorry to inform you that Dr. Gardner has retired, and all files have been sent to other vets."  I could not believe what I was hearing, and asked why such a prominent doctor, he treated the Queen's swans...would retire without any notice, or reporting?  She said she did not know the answer.  I asked her where the swan report was, and she could not tell me that either.  I asked then why are calls routed to you?  She said she did not know.  They have NO information at all.  This is very very strange.  I told her I am now wondering if he found something, they don't want released?  I know this man from years ago.  He would never quit!  Did the government take the report and tell him he can't release it?  We'll never know.  He's gone...no answer...won't answer his email either.  Was he threatened? 
Let's all email him....and ask him what happened to the report...who he gave it to...and what he found from the necropsy on the swans that died in Sarasota.
Please email Dr. Jeffeory Gardner at swanvet@aol.com

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