Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some Thoughts on Why Nuke Power is NOT Cool!

We who live here in Florida live under the gun and that weapon is the stealthy and destructive Nuclear Energy. Using it is like playing Russian Roulette. The chamber spins and spins but eventually it will misfire. Here in Florida we had two nuclear power plants that were recently shut down because of problems. Turkey Point near Miami and Crystal River, north of Tampa.
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As if it was synched to create a critical mass of awareness, at the end of last month, Three Mile Island in New Jersey leaked yet again, exposing some of it's workers to radiation, reinforcing the fact that this source of energy is just not safe for anything living. (video and transcript)

The use of Nuke Power is expensive, risky and uses too much water, making it an unsustainable source of energy. Cost, risk and the environmental liability result in too much money, illness and long term damage to the environment, therefore this source of energy is in no way GREEN and there is no way to successfully "GREENWASH" it.

Money is the big factor...the economic source of the planned Levy County project in the rural big bend area of Florida near woods and pristeen wetlands was not financed by funding corporations or banks wanting a piece of the action. They obviously thought it was too risky to do that. So BIG ENERGY is getting the money from the customers of Progress Energy, a little bit at a time added to their bills so it will look like it isn't too costly. This is just for the PLANNING of the Nuclear Power Plant in Levy County, not for the actual construction of it.

The planning of the Levy County Nuclear Power Plant does not have a system for eliminating the waste. (Local people here still do not know where Crystal River's waste goes.) Levy County's plans also do not have specifications which include anything more than minimal surge levels should a catastrophic storm hit the area. What are the toxins being emitted from the stacks? The only difference between high impact toxins and waste and the low level is whether one or the other has the fuel rods included. It is all lethal. Where does the water go? What about the sludge? How can any plant guarantee that it will be contained? Would water and sludge be contained if there was a high level storm surge? Would the plant be able to sustain itself in the event of a Category 4 or 5 storm? This question has to be asked since most of the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico do hit the Big Bend area of Florida.

A group of grassroots activists, local politicos and experts met in the woods in Marion County this past weekend for a NUKE TEACH IN. We discussed the next steps on what we need to do to fight this giant behemoth that threatens to do us in here on the west coast of Florida. The beautiful land of the Nature Coast of Florida needs to be left alone, the wildlife cared for and the humankind allowed to thrive without catastrophic illnesses and/or early death. If you could see this land, you would know in your heart and in your soul that it must be preserved! Instead of being subjugated by fear, those that are under the gun have sprung into action!

More to come...

***Photography by Anita Stewart
1) Our group learning
2) Mary Olsen of NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Center)
3) Cara Jennings, Florida Green Party and City Commissioner of Lake Worth, FL
4) Our group by the sign
5) Closeup of the sign with Turkey Point and Crystal River marked on the map.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Shadows and Light with Ducks

These are two pictures that I took and submitted to a few photography contests. I did not win however! The first one is called "Duck's Bath" and the second one is "Mother's Love." If you look closely at the second photo, the last little duck is a yellow one. He was the hit of the apartment complex. Everyone wanted to see him, feed him and take pictures of him. Most of the ducks here were relocated to a wildlife area several months ago. I do not know what happened to these little guys.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A 5-Point Process in Changing Up Our War-time Economy!

The anti war presidential candidates last time were Gravel, Nader, Ron Paul, McKinney, Kucinich. I feel honoured to know two of them personally and I work for another one of them and remain in constant contact. All people of great integrity, intelligence and experience. We need ALL of them in office doing SOMETHING, we need to PUT THEM THERE...and we need all of the war-mongers OUT! This is going to take five courses of action by many, many Americans...through the purse and through the elections (once we can make them fair).

1) I believe a month long nationwide strike would drive our government to it's knees. It can be done if enough people are on board. Our government is so tied with the corporations, this would hurt them. But they cannot come out with guns and force us to buy anything. This would be quite a dealbreaker between us and our leaders who no longer serve us but the corporate lords. WE THE PEOPLE have the power of the purse. It is WE who hired THEM. We need to show them who is really the boss...

2) We need to vote EN MASSE every time there are elections at the local, state and federal level. Voting is not just a RIGHT, but it is an OBLIGATION!

3) And we need to make our elections fair and honest and stop counting votes in secret which is unconstitutional. No scanners or computers counting our votes. Media/Election reform with plenty of observers and documentation of the process in every single election, voting and ballot facility. Every candidate allowed to debate and granted equal time by the media. COMPLETE BALLOT ACCESS. If Mickey Mouse wants to run for office, he should be allowed to in a completely transparent and democratic government.

4) Our representatives need a specific timeframe to read pending bills and legislation before they vote and sign. No more multi-wrapped legislation! No more laws signed and voted for unless the people know what is wrapped into one bill.

5) People need to get up off the fu(king couch and DO SOMETHING! Become pro-active. NO MORE COMPLACENCY!

I, as a Green believe that unless we have ELECTION/MEDIA Reform, there are no fair elections, the last three proved that to me. I believe that elections can work in helping us achieve our goals PROVIDING they are FAIR. And providing that the media will cover the candidates and the issues fairly. That is not happening now and not sure what it will take to make it happen. POWER TO THE PEOPLE...we can make THAT HAPPEN! If we let our leaders know that WE own THEM. But it would take a lot of us. And while I believe in the power of assembling and protesting, with the media not covering these events or when they are portraying us as the "lunatic fringe" it is like these events do not exist and are not significant. I am not being negative, just being real. As far as Third Parties go, and I am for ALL of them, we can all work together. We have more power when we focus on our similarities and not our differences. We have to unite based on the issues we want reformed. We are in danger when people do not know about us. For instance, political science majors that attend USF do not even know what the Green Party is. That is a scary precedent...

***Photography by Anita Stewart
1) Code Pink on top of the bridge near the Pentagon on March 21, 2009.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


We need THIRD PARTIES and INDEPENDENTS TO STAND UP and stop straddling the fence between the TWIN POWERS that got us into this mess from the beginning. And we need people to STOP LISTENING TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA as there is very little truth there...and we need the people that are running (that have INTEGRITY, HONESTY and GUTS) to stand up and SAY NO to being paid off. There are no "spoilers" in the political process...not when millions are kept from voting or their votes are disenfranchised by not being counted, or by the candidates who are disenfranchised by not being allowed to debate or get media coverage...VOTE YOUR VALUES and support candidates who are not a part of the TWIN POWER system, the same old, same old, good cop/bad cop, pay to play, lesser of two evils ELECTION SYSTEM that we currently have. SUPPORT AND VOTE for candidates who have values that match your own!!! And by the way, the word "electable" was made up by the media. A candidate is ELECTABLE when you vote for him or her. Not when the mainstream media tells you they are!!! LISTEN candidates from your community that uphold your is our only recourse now. Standing on the street corner with a sign is not cutting it anymore. It is too late for that (for most people). People are losing their livelihoods for doing it. We have to think of more constructive ways of changing the status quo. WE NEED ELECTION/MEDIA REFORM and we NEED IT NOW before the next elections cuz by then it will be too late!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Local Biota Living Graft Structure
See more at this link:
This home concept is intended to replace the outdated design solutions at Habitat for Humanity. We propose a method to grow homes from native trees. A living structure is grafted into shape with prefabricated Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) reusable scaffolds. Therefore, we enable dwellings to be fully integrated into an ecological community.

1. Composed with 100% living nutrients.
2. Make effective contributions to the ecosystem.
3. Accountable removal of human impacts.
4. Involve arboreal farming & production.
5. Subsume technology within terrestrial environs.
6. Circulate water & metabolic flows symbiotically.
7. Consider the life cycle, from use to disposal.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Team H.E.D. [Human Ecology Design]
Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.
Lara Greden, Ph.D.
Javier Arbona, M.S.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too many events and not enough time...and NUMBERS, let's talk about those!

WOW! Climate Change, Blog Action Day, Powershift, Protest Against the Wartime Economy on O17, Circus McGurkis and so many more. Which of the Green groups and events are real and which ones are just a "green-wash?" Lots of info to disseminate and lots of events. Even more effort is concentrated on finding out which ones are worth attending or participating in. More to come on this...

The issues of the day: Healthcare, UNIVERSAL, NOT FOR PROFIT, SINGLE PAYER. Stop the War, Bring the Troops Home! This would end the mainstream media's economic crisis which is really a WARTIME ECONOMY!

Helping Florida and our citizens, especially returning troops by creating REAL SUSTAINABLE ENERGY since we would have more money to devote to GREEN JOBS for those who need work. Buy and support local, Green Businesses! Go Solar in the Sunshine State! If we have SUSTAINABLE GREEN ENERGY in place, we can then say NO to OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING!

Here is another number from the news I just watched...1 MILLION UNEMPLOYED in Florida. I think this is skewed though...this only includes those collecting unemployment. There are many more that are not eligible. Our true unemployment is probably around 20 to 25%.

Another number...58 million spent in military aid to Israel in 2008 alone. So this was the money spent on the weapons that were used against Gaza. And the weapons were made right here in Florida. This number is important, it should really piss people off, especially knowing that we are paying for this without our permission. The mainstream media will not say a word on this. It is "allowed" to happen.

As yet MORE numbers...Florida is 4rth in foreclosures. ..first states are Nevada, California and Arizona...big retirement states. I am sure that most of the foreclosures are due to catastrophic illness...Special K (Dennis Kucinich) says 62% of foreclosures are due to bankruptcy due to illness, etc. Important numbers when talking about our economic woes here.

No American dream for most...most people cannot even get approved for a home...I tried to get one with a VA loan two years ago and was denied TWICE...with a VA loan, how f*&^ed up is that? So in knowing this, how can this fact guarantee veterans much of the promised benefits and perks when they get home?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corporations have us surrounded! Circle the wagons!

They operate in secret. They don't want anyone to know their names because they are committing crimes even though they would never admit that. Crimes against nature, crimes against humanity. They contribute money so they can buy off our state's leaders, they want the land, they even want the land that is under the water! They will rape Mother Earth...poke holes in Her for the money that the black gold will bring...only one word to describe this--GREED!

We, who live here and are activists, lovers of peace and the environment have spoken about this for years. Floridians knew it was coming, the mainstream media has written about it quite often but leave out the most important facts. For instance, like just who is lobbying for this legislation and who is providing the funding.

Now we are in the eleventh hour and the business owners and residents of the beaches, people that know that this practice of raping Mother Earth UNDER the water will hurt their pocketbooks and livelihoods or their real estate values have jumped into the fray to help make this NOT happen.

The newest technology with the newest oil rigs don't make these kinds of operations any easier or safer. As I write this, there is a huge oil spill in the Timor Sea off of the coast of Australia that threatens that country's environment. The technology being used and the rig itself are brand new.

The lastest articles can be found here:

So what to do?

If we Floridians want to keep our coastlines clean and white, our waters pure, fresh and filled with sea creatures, and our tourists coming back to boost our economy, we have to work together to increase awareness on this issue, talk to people, have rallies, MEETUPS, meetings with our leaders and keep busy on the Internet filling in the facts that the mainstream media leaves out.

See us here:
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new contributor is IBIS SMILE...

...we will be adding Florida NATURE PICS and PHOTOGRAPHY to this blog. Please check out the new SOCIAL NETWORKING site and join us there!

Join the NING network, create your ONLINE GALLERY and have your work featured here on that site and on this BLOG!

Very cool blogs and pictures are coming right up!

Friday, January 23, 2009

My personal note to Barack...

To Barack:

Congratulations to you and Michelle for making history. Now I will be honest and tell you now that I did not vote for you. I belong to the Green Party. I and many that I know expect you to do the right thing by the American people. I would love to see you keep your promises. This cannot be just a honeymoon moment. I hope that you can lead us with the same amount of integrity, honesty and fortitude that led you to Chicago to study and serve your local community there years ago. I would love to see America respected around the world again. Can you make that happen? I have a firm commitment to make sure that I spread the word to everyone I know, that we as Americans can never, ever again take our liberty for granted. Liberty is free, but we must all do our parts to maintain it. It can disappear quickly with the simple flick of a pen to the bottom of a document. And in bits and pieces. Will you continue to do what the people want or bow to the corporations and lobbyists and powers that be? Will you do the right thing and restore those rights that were viciously taken away from us in a very calculated way, bit by bit during King George's Reign of Terror?

On a personal note, the following is what I would like to see happen over the next four or eight years:
All Political Prisoners released
The prison system make into a true rehabilitation system instead of a subsidized corporation
No more Rendition
Universal healthcare to all citizens
Free education for whomever wants it and this includes college or vocational school
Transparency in government (no more secret handshake deals)
Voting and the Election Process and Media Reform all getting a serious overhaul! (They all have to be revamped before we will ever again have fair elections in this country)
Ease of access and open policies regarding the process of running for office
All political parties recognized and given a fair shot during Elections and Debates
No more censorship in any form and no more spying on the American people--this is UNAMERICAN!
A ban of all weapons and this includes chemical and nuclear weapons and definitely no more exporting of the same
NO MORE WAR! And no more tax dollars funneled to war anywhere at any time.
Establish a Department of Peace
No more weapons manufacturing
Taxes based on percentage of yearly income, no more "loopholes" for the rich
No bailouts for the corporations and not even the "middle class," the poor get taken care of first
Jobs back in the USA and American citizens hired first
Marijuana legalized
The Department of Children and Families in all states investigated for kidnapping and other crimes against children and their families
The Constitution, the Rule of Law and Habeous Corpus restored
FREE legal services provided based on a sliding scale determined by income
Green Industries, jobs and workplaces established and tax breaks for them
Green Energy and no more NUCLEAR REACTORS--the use of wind, solar, etc., instead.
A focus on Arts, Music and creativity in the schools
A woman gets to choose what happens to her and her body
A living wage for all
A home for all
Equal rights for all
Most importantly, NO MORE FEAR!

I understand that this is a long list and it is certainly not complete. I don't expect you to undue the damage done to our civil liberties overnight. It took us this long to sink into this hole, it will take at least this long to crawl back out again. The people spoke and elected you to lead us and many have complete faith in your abilities. For America to remain America there needs to be some drastic changes. But you have given us hope and a vision for the future, Barack. For that I say, thank you! Whatever you need from me, just let me know. Now, let's get it done!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the Quiet and Stillness...

No one can say that Florida has an industry or industries that are uniquely "Floridian." Two industries that seem to thrive in this state are Tourism and Medical/Health with Real Estate running a close third. Certainly year round industries, but more prevalent when the "snowbirds" are here visiting. Hospital census is up, doctors are busy, appointments are booked, the roads on the way to clinics and hospitals are tied up during rush hour traffic. White-haired highways with sightings of seniors driving their cars with assorted license plates from up north, Michigan, Ontario, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio...anywhere up there that has constant reports of freezing temperatures and drifts of snow and cold fronts.

In the years that I have been in Florida, not only the roads, hospitals and doctor's offices have been full to capacity during the winter, but the beaches, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, garage sales, mini-golf, Dollar Stores, parks, rental properties and amusement parks are always crowded during tourist season. Florida's tourist season is usually from right around the holiday weeks and lasts until Easter. It can include everyone from the well heeled yuppies, to couples and families, some foreigners but for the most part, well off seniors that can afford to maintain a home up north and a smaller home down here.

This year there have been some major differences. Houses are for sale, lots of them! Two years ago, a decent rental home was hard to find. Most entrepreneurs that were "flipping" houses were able to sell them quickly and definitely did not want to rent them to anyone. It was a buyer's market and a renter found himself with few choices for places to live.

Now there are many rental properties. The owners that cannot sell their homes cannot afford to let their investments sit empty and be able to pay the mortgage at the same time. The apartment complexes, of which most had "gone condo" a few years back, are now offering move in specials with little or no security deposits or no credit checks. It is great being a renter these days, when one does not own property, one cannot lose their money or the equity on their investment. Definitely a safer place to be! Tampa Bay is number two in the country for foreclosed homes!

Right now, the stores and restaurants are all but empty with sales and special prices galore! Easy to get a table at a popular night spot! Medical personnel are reporting that the census is down in their workplaces. Parks are busy, especially RV campgrounds, but anything that costs a lot of money cannot seem to accumulate a crowd...

There might be a few exceptions! Superbowl and the Gasparilla festivities are coming up...but not too sure how many of our "laid off or in danger of being laid off" locals will be able to afford tickets to either event in addition to paying more than $12 for a beer and a hot dog...


Anita Stewart
The link to this story on OPERATION ITCH:
In the Quiet and Stillness on OPERATION ITCH!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

After a brief hiatus....

...for the holiday season and some physical complications and medical treatment over the past several weeks, I am back in the saddle again and will hit you all up with the latest installment noted here on Wednesday/Thursday of this week. Sorry for the delay...