Monday, October 19, 2009

Too many events and not enough time...and NUMBERS, let's talk about those!

WOW! Climate Change, Blog Action Day, Powershift, Protest Against the Wartime Economy on O17, Circus McGurkis and so many more. Which of the Green groups and events are real and which ones are just a "green-wash?" Lots of info to disseminate and lots of events. Even more effort is concentrated on finding out which ones are worth attending or participating in. More to come on this...

The issues of the day: Healthcare, UNIVERSAL, NOT FOR PROFIT, SINGLE PAYER. Stop the War, Bring the Troops Home! This would end the mainstream media's economic crisis which is really a WARTIME ECONOMY!

Helping Florida and our citizens, especially returning troops by creating REAL SUSTAINABLE ENERGY since we would have more money to devote to GREEN JOBS for those who need work. Buy and support local, Green Businesses! Go Solar in the Sunshine State! If we have SUSTAINABLE GREEN ENERGY in place, we can then say NO to OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING!

Here is another number from the news I just watched...1 MILLION UNEMPLOYED in Florida. I think this is skewed though...this only includes those collecting unemployment. There are many more that are not eligible. Our true unemployment is probably around 20 to 25%.

Another number...58 million spent in military aid to Israel in 2008 alone. So this was the money spent on the weapons that were used against Gaza. And the weapons were made right here in Florida. This number is important, it should really piss people off, especially knowing that we are paying for this without our permission. The mainstream media will not say a word on this. It is "allowed" to happen.

As yet MORE numbers...Florida is 4rth in foreclosures. ..first states are Nevada, California and Arizona...big retirement states. I am sure that most of the foreclosures are due to catastrophic illness...Special K (Dennis Kucinich) says 62% of foreclosures are due to bankruptcy due to illness, etc. Important numbers when talking about our economic woes here.

No American dream for most...most people cannot even get approved for a home...I tried to get one with a VA loan two years ago and was denied TWICE...with a VA loan, how f*&^ed up is that? So in knowing this, how can this fact guarantee veterans much of the promised benefits and perks when they get home?

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