Saturday, July 30, 2011

EXPOSE: Jan Long and BP Shills ADMIT They're Working For the GCCF & Feinberg on BP America Page (FB)

Many have often questioned the motives, as well as the source of information some of the “BP Trolls” including Jan Long, who hails out of Florida, (Ref:  Ken Smith of Texas, ( and others in their constant libelous attacks of Gulf advocates, attorneys, and just regular posters in the BP America Facebook Page.  (Ref:
You’ll note that that in the case of ALL of these personalities, false profiles have been created under the category of “Community” pages, unlike the personal pages all other normal people use on Facebook.  This prohibits their behavior from being blocked, and allows them to circumvent the removal of their personal pages by Facebook so they can continue their personal attacks on individuals who speak out about the disaster in the Gulf.
On Friday, July 29th, the disclosure was made of their purpose and their “employer” when they pushed their attacks against persons who had been physically harmed by illnesses caused by the BP Oil Disaster, and as has been happening for a few months now, specific data which would only have been extracted from a GCCF Claim form have been used as weapons to discredit individuals, attack their families and their loved ones, and libel, sometimes to the point of unbelievable, those who had made and have had claims paid or denied by the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, run by Kenneth Feinberg, who, it has been determined by judicial verdict, is an employee of BP.
Jan Long made the following statement:
“Some of you really need a lesson about money. There’s some pretty warped thinking about what funds come out of where. First of all, if you bothered to READ anything but your own hype, you’d know that not a cent of the $20 billion set aside for claims is spent on anything BUT claims. You’d also know the the rest of the BILLIONS spent on restoration, recovery, research, funding, etc. etc. is totally SEPARATE from any monies spent on advertising. EVERY corporation has a right to use THEIR money for promotion and advertising, and if that promotion & advertising helps restore the economy of this Gulf what the he77 are any of you complaining about?”
Ken Smith replies:
“Jan I think we all know why they are still whining, they see all this money being spent and they are not getting any of it….”
To which Long replies:
“Charged” and “convicted” are two entirely different things. Remember, the only reason the GCCF took over the claims process last August was because YOU folks whined that BP wasn’t paying fast enough. I think EVERYONE at this point is so sick of the whining about the whole claims fiasco that we WELCOME an audit.
“WE” welcome an audit?
It’s quite apparent that the BP America Page, with or without BP’s knowledge and consent has become a platform for the harassment and libelous and slanderous behavior of those employed by Feinberg and the GCCF to further deny claims to the families, fisherman, oystermen, shrimpers, businesses and others impacted by the BP Oil Disaster.  The strong arm tactics and utilization of personal information, ONLY obtainable from claim forms is ILLEGAL.  Screen captures and feeds have been kept for months with pertinent information that no individual NOT associated with the GCCF could have possibly obtained.
Individuals who were harmed did not have alternative sources of where they could apply for a claim.  There was only one organization, the GCCF who were responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and proper control of the information provided by claimants.  A violation of that trust has occurred, which only adds insult to the injury these individuals have already suffered. 
Now that this behavior has been admitted publicly, and is now known and identified, it’s time for the “game” to end.  Action will be take to find out the exact level of damage these individuals have caused to claimants, and the pursuit of all civil and criminal penalties will be sought.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Oil Spill in State of Montana (Blackfeet Indian Reservation)

This is the trend of the future. Learn how to detox, people. Speak with your healthcare professionals and get advice and research on your own!

Photos by Dr. Linda Hooper-Bui of Louisiana State University

Does this look like the OIL IS GONE, to YOU? I don't think so!
These photos were taken in Bay Jimmy, Louisiana. If you need more information, contact Dr. Hooper-Bui directly.

Marsh just before dusk July 15 2011

Research June & July 2011

Trisha James - BP Oil in the Gulf with Trisha Springstead

Sponsor us at OIL IN THE GULF with Trisha James of Navarre Beach Fl interviewed by Trisha Springstead Part 4. BP is NOT CLEANING IT UP, BP is NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, BP is HIDING THE OIL, HARMING YOUR HEALTH and MAKING PEOPLE SICK!

A Patricia Springstead Production -

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A plea for HELP from the people of Fukushima!

THIS is another sickening example of industry being protected while families are sickened. Like BP and the US government...Tepco and the Japanese government are hiding the truth and allowing people to get sick and die. Please expose this and pass this video on to others.

Clean water doesn't kill jobs

By Diane Roberts, special to the Times 
In Print: Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's not the Bush tax cuts, the Wall Street bailouts, the credit crunch or those two off-the-books wars (remind me: why'd we invade Iraq again?). No, it's clean water. That's why America's in a recession.

Clean water is the reason so many citizens find it hard to put food on the table. But — praise Big Ag and Ayn Rand! — U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, has come to save us from that crypto-communist, job-destroying Environmental Protection Agency and once again make America safe for the pollutigarchy.

He has pushed a bill through the House of Representatives that rips the guts out of the Clean Water Act and throws the bloody entrails into the nearest lake. Without a permit.

HR 2018, the "Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act of 2011," which passed 239-184 last week, overturns 40 years of progress. It forbids the EPA to require that states meet minimum water quality standards.

If a state feels like dumping noisome chemicals or raw sewage into a river, everybody downstream is out of luck. The dredge-and-drain-happy Army Corps of Engineers (the people who build lousy levees in New Orleans and issue permits to tear up endangered sea grasses in Florida), will be able to do whatever they like without regard to frivolous concerns such as public health.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The oil and the corexit are killing everything in its path. Truth.

These photos were taken by several sources from the beaches in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Please feel free to share them with whomever is interested in the effects of the BP oil spill on the gulf coast and all who call, or called, it home.  And to all the non-believers who are certain that BP did their job and all is well in this area, please leave and go be  a skeptic somewhere else.  These people have been through enough and I personally will not allow any mean attitude in this space to taint their hope that people really do care and are listening.   And I speak for a large amount of people who do believe and who know there is some major cover up action going on. But if you don't believe what these people are showing and saying then they ask me to invite you to come on down and take a nice little swim in the coffee colored ocean water, but be careful to watch your step with all the dead fish around, you might just slip.  So continue on to speak up residents of LA and MS.  I created this space for you to share the truth and to reach people far and wide.  And we have only just begun! 
See more at the link:

Friday, July 8, 2011


Recorded this week!
Spent the afternoon filming Black Skimmer nesting grounds. There was a heavy crude oil smell in the air. Strangely, a C-130 made 4 passes over the Gulf, flying low- to the point it appeared it might crash. Finally reported the oil smell and tarballs to the NRC. The officer who took the report asked me where I had spotted sheen. I said I did not report sheen but a heavy diesel/crude oil smell and tarballs. The end of this video shows the heavy contamination of some of the oil I had just picked up at 8:30 that night thanks to the UV light. They were glowing a very bright orange- this heavy fluorescent signature indicates a significant finding. (It is interesting to note that while I was in Pensacola Beach, tarballs were present there and there was a heavy crude oil smell- I also mentioned this to the officer who took the NRC report on July 6th.
***I approved someone's comment here, but BLOGGER did not publish it. Don't know why, but weird things are happening here on the Internet all the time. For that person who asked, why is this video private--because whoever filmed the video did not want YouTube to pull it--and that is happening all the time to people who are uploading controversial videos on YouTube. If you cannot view it here on this blog, hover over the top of the video frame and click on the title that appears there. It will take you to the YouTube page of the original uploaded video and you can view it there if YouTube permits you to. I am not a Scientologist (what difference would THAT make?) nor am I purposely keeping anything hidden on my blog. Anyone saying this is stirring up trouble, casting shades of doubt and discrediting me and what I am reporting here. There are trolls among you, weed them out and delete and block. I refuse to take part in any of that crazy-making.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exclusive: Tony Hayward Defends His Actions

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