Saturday, September 8, 2018

Science of the Spill: Yes, Crude/Corexit Causes Red Tide

Back 8 years ago, those of us that worked diligently on getting info out about BP's Gulf Oil Disaster predicted the collapse of the populations of sea-life, seabirds, mammals and we noted that even humans would be affected along with our precious waterways, the beaches and our land here in Florida and indeed, throughout the Gulf region. We contacted corporate media, did interviews with independent media, many of us became the independent media ourselves and did our own radio shows, scrutinized documents, attended public meetings, took samples, blogged, protested in the streets and  spent hours on the phone or on social media connecting with thousands of people globally. We developed our own networks here in the Gulf Region. At that point many of us knew that the ecocide and genocide happening here would be politicized and monetized through those running for office, campaigns would take donations and others would be supporting themselves through the so called environmental NGOs whose main objective was to raise funding. And the oil companies and extraction industries OWN the city municipalities, the state, the candidates, the tourist boards, the County Fairs, the Better Business Bureaus, and local companies, in reality EVERYONE! Their money that was flowing into our communities paved their way so now they literally OWN us. 

Add to the existing toxic soup of Crude and Corexit dispersant, the Lake Okeechobee discharges, Big Sugar, Roundup and other herbicides and chemicals associated with Big Ag, nitrogen fertilizers that are over-applied, nuclear radiation dumping into city water sources courtesy of the Mosaic Company, Algenol Company, mining by Cemex (for fracking sand and aggregate), Pipelines such as Sabal Trail and existing radon associated with even more building and expansion and other toxins.

Our resistance to this ecocide and genocide should never follow a corporate model. That is why it has not worked in the past. We need bodies on the line now. We might not survive this, but we need to do this for those who will come after us. 
Voting the s-elected out is not an option.
Now is the time for real resistance.

Links about the science of the spill below. 
I will keep adding to this list.
***Crude/Corexit CAN cause Red Tide.

Anita Stewart
Deep Green Resistance
Formerly Elected to the Hillsborough County Soil and Water Board
Green Party of Florida Spokesperson.