Friday, October 17, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for October 17th, 2014--Returning Special Guest, Investigative Journalist Susanne Posel

Susanne Posel

We broadcast at 10PM EDT and this is a pre-recorded show so we will not be taking callers tonight. However, I will have the chatroom open in case people want to comment.

Susanne Posel’s Investigative Journalism and her writings and work on her website Occupy Corporatism is cutting edge and gets right to the facts.

Susanne and I got together the night before this broadcast and had a gabfest that lasted about an hour and a half. We touched on a few of the stories that are featured on her website and some of the current events and news that is not being adequately covered by the corporate media outlets. We covered Ebola, Ferguson, Police Brutality, ISIS, just to name a few. To get a grasp on what is really happening behind the scenes all one needs to do is follow the money! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and tune in tonight to hear our engaging conversation!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for October 3rd, 2014--BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA with Bette Jo, Dezeray, Feral and Mona!

For tonight's show we will be joining the organizers of BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA
This is a pre-recorded show.
We broadcast on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 at 10PM EDT.
DON'T MISS IT! But if you do, you can check out the archived show later!

Block The Boat Tampa is a small group of Palestine Solidarity activists working in solidarity with 1000’s of activists across the United States. Our goal is to disrupt and or block enough cargo ships owned by Zim (an Israeli shipping company) that Zim’s customers decide it is in their best interest to change their shipping agent. We will accomplish this through a number of diverse means which will be revealed over the next weeks. We gratefully welcome individuals and groups who want to be working partners in this long term campaign. Browse our website to learn about upcoming working sessions, events and actions.

Palestine is calling us to action! Palestinians laborers, Palestinian General Federation Trade Union (PGFTU), have called on workers around the world to refuse to handle Israel goods. Palestinians throughout Gaza, the West Bank and 1948 Palestine have demonstrated their unity in the struggle against Apartheid Israel and have taken to the streets in the tens of thousands, bravely facing Israeli military armed with US made weapons to call on the international community to stand with them as they resist Zionism throughout all of historic Palestine. We will be answering this call by organizing community pickets at the Port, asking the longshoreman and truckers to honor this request and to stand with the people of Palestine.

BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA has been organizing and led successful direct actions in the past several weeks. Tonight we will join them to talk about why they are doing these types of actions, about the successes of BLOCK THE BOAT organizations in Oakland and other locations, the BDS Movement, a bit about the history of this part of the Middle East, the current situation in Palestine and Israel and why these types of direct actions are so effective.

The next BLOCK THE BOAT TAMPA direct action will be at the Port of Tampa on October 11th, 2014. To see more information about the event and how you can join them, CLICK HERE!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for September 26th, 2014--this is GIRL’S NIGHT OUT with Special Guests Cheri Roberts and Christine Coe

Anita Stewart

Cheri Roberts

Christine Coe

Tonight's show will be a LIVE BROADCAST at 10PM EDT on Friday, September 26th. 2014.

We will be taking callers and no subject or topic is taboo! So feel free to call in, interact with us in the chatroom or post your questions and comments on our Facebook page.

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Joining me tonight will be returning guest, Cheri Roberts from CheriSpeak Media and Christine Coe, formerly from the TV Show, the Doctors.

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