Friday, October 25, 2013

Wise Woman Media for October 25, 2013--ALL ABOUT SAMHAIN with Anita Stewart


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In our present society, Halloween gets a bad rap! In recent times, It has become a commercial holiday all about goblins, ghosts, witches, zombies and monsters, but that is not what this holiday is about at all. The recent concept of the holiday literally mocks the original and focuses on the buying of costumes, masquerade parties, decorations, candy, etc. The original meaning has been lost.

Challenge your thinking and join us for our show tonight--ALL ABOUT SAMHAIN! What you thought about Halloween is really a bastardization of the beauty and ritual of the original holiday, Samhain, the Celtic New Year in ancient times.

During Samhain, the veil between our world and the OTHER WORLD is thin and it is said that the spirits, our ancestors walk between the two worlds. It is a perfect time of the year to remember and honor those loved ones who have gone on before us. Find out about the sacredness of the rituals, the customs and the practices of pantheists and pagans at this time of year and join us to listen to some traditional music.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wise Women Media for October 18th, 2013--ALL ABOUT THE TPP with KIAN FREDERICK!

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Tonight's show will be ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the TPP or the Trans-Pacific Partnership! You will find out why this set of Trade Agreements cannot be "fast-tracked" and why so many on the political and economic scene call it "NAFTA ON STEROIDS!"

And we will find out through this interview with Kian Frederick who is the New York State Director of the Citizens Trade Campaign what the implementation of the TPP will do to you and me, regular citizens and consumers in very specific ways and why it needs to be stopped before it starts!


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About Kian Frederick: 
Kian Frederick currently serves as the New York State Director of the Citizens Trade Campaign, a coalition partner with Public Citizen Global Trade Watch, labor unions, faith, community and environmental groups focused on global trade. She became involved in the campaign against the TPP and Fast Track because of the direct threat the rise in global corporate power presents to our democracy and the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

Kian began her career as a union organizer and activist over 20 years ago when she led a strike of her UNITE HERE, Local 100, co-workers and won. Kian soon became a union rep, negotiator, educator, researcher and was the first rank & file member and first woman in her local to be elected to executive office. She has worked on numerous organizing and issue campaigns with UNITE HERE, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY/AFT, Association of Flight Attendants/CWA, SEIU, the national AFL-CIO and many other local unions and community groups in New York and Miami.  

Kian's volunteer work includes the 2010 “99ers” campaign, organizing the unemployed, which resulted in introduction of legislation to extend unemployment benefits.  Kian is known as an “organizer's organizer” and is proud to serve as a mentor and adviser to many new organizers and organizations.  She holds a Masters of Science in Labor Studies and Economics and lives in New York City.

Monday, October 14, 2013

ChemRisk, BP and Purple Strategies: A Tangled Web of Not-So-Independent Science by Cherri Foytlin on HUFFINGTON POST

SPOILER ALERT: BP hires the PR firm Purple Strategies, BP collects samples and provides them to Chemrisk for their "independent" study, Chemrisk (history of fraudulent industry induced science) produces a narrowly based study saying oil clean up workers from the 2010 BP Deep Water Disaster were not exposed to harmful levels of toxins, Purple Strategies (again, under the direction of BP) produces and pushes out a press release titled, "Study by Leading Scientific Consulting Firm Finds No Evidence of Health Dangers for Gulf Coast Cleanup Workers," which travels around the world through their exponential media networks with no further thought or investigation. BP buys the science, the media, the platform - and Gulf Coast workers and citizens continue to suffer from damning health effects to this day.

Cherri Foytlin's article on HUFFINGTON POST, read more here:

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wise Women Media for October 11, 2013--Why We MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO w/ Alexis Mariah Cruz

Why We March Against Monsanto...

October 12th, 2013 is an International Day of Action for the important movement that is quickly gaining ground, MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO.

This is the 2nd event here in Tampa, the first one was earlier this year on May 25th and one of the organizers of that event was Alexis Mariah Cruz.

Several hundred marched in Tampa on that day and the event was a big success as it increased awareness about the huge and growing corporate control over our global food supply and our precious water. The staging area for tomorrow's event (Sat, Oct 12th, 2013) is at Lykes Gaslight Square Park in Tampa and participants will gather at 11AM.

See more at the FB Event Page here:

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About Alexis:
"My name is Alexis M. Cruz and I am 23 year old resident of Tampa, FL. Before the last march I was invited by my partner to start attending March Against Monsanto organizational meetings at first as a sort of a tag along thing. I started taking notes and becoming educated on the subject of GMO's, as well as the harm industrialized farming is doing to our bodies and the earth. I helped to organize the last March on May 25th that was considered by those who attended a great success. I am currently working with Bee Against Monsanto as a follow up to the marches." 

Friday, October 4, 2013


Wise Woman Media with Anita Stewart--we broadcast at 10PM EST on Friday nights.

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I will make a few announcements at the beginning and the end of the show.
I have been burning the candle at both ends and have decided to schedule a little MUSICAL INTERLUDE for tonight.

Some amazing music by amazing women! 
I hope you enjoy it.