Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corporations have us surrounded! Circle the wagons!

They operate in secret. They don't want anyone to know their names because they are committing crimes even though they would never admit that. Crimes against nature, crimes against humanity. They contribute money so they can buy off our state's leaders, they want the land, they even want the land that is under the water! They will rape Mother Earth...poke holes in Her for the money that the black gold will bring...only one word to describe this--GREED!

We, who live here and are activists, lovers of peace and the environment have spoken about this for years. Floridians knew it was coming, the mainstream media has written about it quite often but leave out the most important facts. For instance, like just who is lobbying for this legislation and who is providing the funding.

Now we are in the eleventh hour and the business owners and residents of the beaches, people that know that this practice of raping Mother Earth UNDER the water will hurt their pocketbooks and livelihoods or their real estate values have jumped into the fray to help make this NOT happen.

The newest technology with the newest oil rigs don't make these kinds of operations any easier or safer. As I write this, there is a huge oil spill in the Timor Sea off of the coast of Australia that threatens that country's environment. The technology being used and the rig itself are brand new.

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So what to do?

If we Floridians want to keep our coastlines clean and white, our waters pure, fresh and filled with sea creatures, and our tourists coming back to boost our economy, we have to work together to increase awareness on this issue, talk to people, have rallies, MEETUPS, meetings with our leaders and keep busy on the Internet filling in the facts that the mainstream media leaves out.

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