Friday, May 30, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for Friday, May 30, 2014--Special Guest Bev Baker, the Butterfly Gardener

Butterfly Garden 
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If you can't large scale garden because you are differently abled or challenged in some other way, perhaps this is an answer for you--gardening to help propagate the pollinators because without them there is no CIRCLE OF LIFE! Listen in to find out how you can do that!
This show will be prerecorded so we will not be chatting or taking callers during the live broadcast. 
BUT if you have questions for Bev, email them to me at anitastewart (at) gmail (dot) com with QUESTIONS in caps in the subject line.

Bev Baker
BIO: Bev Baker, a native of Indiana, has lived in the Tampa area since the age of 12. She is the mother of 2 now-grown children and one dog. She has lots of varied interests and stumbled onto a new one after losing her job in 2003. Butterfly gardening! With the frustration of losing her job and having a side yard where nothing but weeds would grow, she proceeded to dig it ALL up with the goal of putting down mulch and a few hardy plants. Finding the digging very therapeutic, she ended up digging up half of the front yard too! While at a local nursery in search of the hardy plants, she was drawn to the butterfly plant area and wondered "if I plant the plants, will they come?" So she planted a few plants, and they did come. Over the next couple of years, she proceeded to fill the entire area with various plants which would support the entire life cycle of many different kinds of butterflies. 

Now homebound with a chronic illness, she gets great comfort from the caterpillars and butterflies, particularly the Monarch which are in danger of extinction due to pesticides. The plants are grown and require very little work now, so most of the time she can sit back and enjoy it all.  She has inspired others to start their own butterfly gardens, providing them with advice and sometimes starter plants and caterpillars.

SPECIAL NOTE FROM ANITA: Bev has been instrumental in working with several organizations to help our state get GMO FOODS properly labeled with all of the hard work that she does behind the scenes.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Interview on WMNF 88.5 FM about the Sabal Trail Natural Gas Pipeline Planned for West Central Florida

Proposed gas pipeline could threaten Tampa Bay water supply


05/19/14 Janelle Irwin 
A coalition of energy companies including Florida Power and Light wants to build a 460-mile long natural gas pipeline through Florida and two other states. But environmentalists are pushing back against the project they say could contaminate aquifers. Anita Stewart is a district supervisor for the Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation District. She’s worried about a section of the pipeline that could bisect parts of a preserved area in Sumter and Pasco counties.
“This pipeline is going to go into the Green Swamp and it will affect Tampa Bay’s drinking water if there ever is an accident or an explosion.”
A group called SpectraBusters formed in opposition to the Sabal Trail project. The group’s founder, John Quarterman agrees that a natural gas pipeline through Florida could be disastrous for some water supplies.
“And that’s water and pockets and fragile limestone under the ground, the same limestone that also fractures and forms sinkholes when somebody draws too much water out of it or pokes a hole in it. So, does it make sense to have a 100-foot wide gash with heavy equipment right through the wetlands that serve as recharge zones for this aquifer? And does it make sense to have a yard-wide pipeline put underneath our river deep into the same limestone into which some of our rivers already leak?
The EPA has issued a list of questions it wants the Sabal Trail group to answer about the project. Among those is why the pipeline is even necessary. A spokesperson for the group, Andrea Grover, said current pipelines including one that goes through the Gulf of Mexico aren’t meeting Florida Power and Light’s needs.
“The Gulfstream pipeline is completely used every single day. The volumes that that pipeline can deliver are completely being used all the time. The Florida gas transmission system, from what I understand, is near that capacity as well. So, a third pipeline was needed in order to deliver gas into the Southeast for some of these power generation facilities.”
A letter from the EPA notes that FP&L users have been using less energy leaving the utility with shrinking energy demand since 2005. That’s making critics of the project like Spectrabuster’s Beth Gordon speculate that the $3 billion pipeline would pad the company’s bottom line by allowing it to export natural gas.
“But they said that their ten-year projection, they’re going to need x-amount of gas. Well, what this particular pipeline would supply, in their own words is three times that amount. And the other pipelines are not fully utilized. So, the answer is, they don’t need this pipeline for Florida.”
And if that’s the case Gordon says it’s not fair to ratepayers.
“The people of the state of Florida and, in particular, FP&L customers, they are paying 100% for this pipeline. So, they’re footing the bill over the years to the tune of $3.5 billion and I guaran-friggin-tee you it’ll be more.”
The EPA is also looking for environmental safeguards on the pipeline. Quaterman, from the anti-Sabal Trail group Spectrabusters, is also concerned about safety.
“And what if one of these pipelines leaked or explodes as have happened in Florida? For example, in 2009, between I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. One blew up, a much smaller one, and threw a piece of pipe all the way across the Florida Turnpike.”
But Grover, the project’s spokesperson, insists there would be adequate safeguards in place to ensure smooth operation and quick response if a leak were to occur.
“There are valves that are up and down the pipeline as well as what we call gas control that is, remotely, that is continuously checking for pressures and stuff like that and in the event that there’s any small deviation that may or may not indicate an issue, we would see those things and then remotely be able to shut off that section of the pipeline and go out and check it to ensure the integrity of that piece of pipe.”
She adds there are also eyes on the ground monitoring pipelines.
“In addition, we have local folks that work up and down the pipeline and are continuously inspecting and maintaining that pipeline. They’re working at the stations, they’re driving up and down the pipeline route, they’re looking for things that we need to maintain the upkeep of.”
The EPA letter raising concerns about the project also points to a potential alternative. A ship 30 miles off the coast of Tampa called Port Dolphin has been cleared for development. It could process about the same amount of natural gas as Sabal Trail. Grover says that’s FP&L’s preference. But she’s not surprised by the questions raised.
“It’s something that we would expect from an agency such as the EPA on a project that is this size and of a natural gas pipeline and typical of what we’ve seen on other projects.”
Grover says the group is working to answer all of the EPA’s questions and doesn’t anticipate too many problems. But Spectrabuster’s Quarterman says his group will continue to push back against the project in favor of alternative energy sources he says are more sustainable and safer.
“I’ve never heard of a set of solar panels catching fire and burning or blowing up and throwing a pipe across a highway or in any other way endangering people.”
If all goes well for the Sabal Trail project, construction should start sometime in the summer of 2016 and wouldn’t be in service until 2017.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Wise Women Media for May 16th, 2014--Dede Shelton of HANDS ACROSS THE SAND and Dessa Stone-Pividal of MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO TAMPA

We will broadcast this LIVE SHOW on Friday night, May 16th, 2014 at 10PM EDT. 
We will have two special guests and we will be taking call ins!

CALL IN NUMBER: (213) 816-0357. Remember, it’s just a conversation!
(If you do not want to call in, you can email questions before the show to and I will ask them on the air.)

Our first segment with Dede will begin at 10PM. 
The second segment with returning guest, Dessa will begin at 11PM EDT.

The next two Saturdays, tomorrow May 17th and next week on May 24th will be two global days of action with events and direct actions happening around the world for two organizations that are completely different but linked in so many ways, our precious water and our food supply.

Dede Shelton

Dede Shelton has worked in non-profit management and lobbying and is the President, Director of Operations, Web Page Manager and Social Media Director of Hands Across the Sand. Her brother, David Rauchkolb began the organization in 2009. Tomorrow May 17th, is the annual global day of action. This organization encourages all people everywhere to let their government and BIG OIL know that we don't want oil drilling in our waters and we need alternative solutions for our energy crisis now.

See more and find a local event near you at: 

Dessa Stone-Pividal

Dessa Stone-Pividal is a certified Natural Health Professional, Activist, Healer and Herbalist and works with MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO TAMPA, just one local organization that is part of a huge global network. The international MAM calls for labeling on all foods to indicate the presence of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) so consumers can make educated choices when they purchase food, not just for themselves but for their families. 

See more and find an event near you: 
See more about Dessa’s services at: 

Hands Across the Sand--Gandy Bridge, Tampa/St. Pete, FL. 5/2013. Photo by Anita Stewart.

March Against Monsanto Tampa. Bayshore Blvd, near downtown Tampa, FL. 10/2013. Photo by Anita Stewart.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for May 2nd, 2014--Returning Special Guest Trisha Springstead, RN, Healer and Environmental Activist

Join us in the CHAT ROOM, email in your questions or comments ( or call in to speak with our guest during the live broadcast. 

Call in number: (213) 816-0357

Trisha Springstead focuses on the Gulf Oil Spill these days. Armed with her vast experience as an RN and Medical Field Veteran and Independent Biologist,Trisha has been raging against the machine for many years now and is a staunch advocate for environmental concerns, human dignity, human rights. She will not be silenced!

Trisha Springstead is an RN and a 38 year Medical Field Veteran, and an Independent Biologist. She has worked on the front lines for 4 years bringing to light and piercing the veil of secrecy behind the Gulf Oil Spill. She is a member of the Real Coastal Warriors and her passion is advocating for the people who have been impacted by environmental toxicity.

She has a vast amount of experience in Nursing: Emergency Room, Manager of a 44 bed Cardiac Unit, administrative hands on Supervisor, Surgical Charge Nurse, and a Clinical Educator for two HMA hospitals. Trisha also taught Health Careers and 1st year Nursing. Has assisted lawyers in winning the one and only landmark lawsuit for Morgellons sufferers.

She also has worked for the State of California with Traumatic Injury Patients, Developmentally Disabled and the Institutional Criminal Mental Health Division for Patton State Hospital and and the Fairview State Hospital.

Trisha Springstead  has appeared on Coast to Coast, Feet to the Fire,  WSVN Miami and has articles published by Jeff Rense and Luis Miranda of the Real Agenda and the National Public Health Alert.

See one of her latest interviews here:

URGENT ACTION ALERT from the Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples--by Bobbie C. Billie

Dona Knapp, Bobbie C. Billie and Shannon Larsen on March 11, 2014, Naples FL. Photo by Anita Stewart.

Urgent Action Alert 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Districts, and Seminole Tribe, Inc. have crossed the Line disturbing our Way of Life, and our Culture, and our Sacred (Holy) Grounds and Sacred (Holy) Aboriginal Burial Grounds at Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area in Florida. This has been going on too long.  Enough is enough. We need your immediate help in stopping the desecration and destroying of our Sacred (Holy) Burial Grounds at Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area in Florida.

Attached is our letter sent to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Districts, and Seminole Tribe Inc. telling them to stop the Project at Three Forks Marsh Conservation Area – the mistreatment, desecration and destroying of our Sacred (Holy) Burial Grounds.  We ask  you to write a Letter telling the US Army Corps of Engineers, Water Management Districts, and Seminole Tribe to Stop this Project (see addresses on letter).   Please send a copy of your letter to

A direct action to stop this Project – the mistreatment, desecration and destroying of our Sacred (Holy) Burial Grounds is in the planning stages.  If you would like to be included in information about the direct action, please send us an email letting us know at

We need your help to stop this Project, and the help of many. Please pass this information on to those that have respect for other peoples’ Way of Life, Culture, and Sacredness (Holiness).

It is our Creator given (God Given) right to live in our Natural Law, and Way of Life given to us by the Creator (God) at the beginning of the Creation of Life.


Contact info:  
P.O. Box 1452
Lake Placid, FL 33862

Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples