Thursday, May 1, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for May 2nd, 2014--Returning Special Guest Trisha Springstead, RN, Healer and Environmental Activist

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Trisha Springstead focuses on the Gulf Oil Spill these days. Armed with her vast experience as an RN and Medical Field Veteran and Independent Biologist,Trisha has been raging against the machine for many years now and is a staunch advocate for environmental concerns, human dignity, human rights. She will not be silenced!

Trisha Springstead is an RN and a 38 year Medical Field Veteran, and an Independent Biologist. She has worked on the front lines for 4 years bringing to light and piercing the veil of secrecy behind the Gulf Oil Spill. She is a member of the Real Coastal Warriors and her passion is advocating for the people who have been impacted by environmental toxicity.

She has a vast amount of experience in Nursing: Emergency Room, Manager of a 44 bed Cardiac Unit, administrative hands on Supervisor, Surgical Charge Nurse, and a Clinical Educator for two HMA hospitals. Trisha also taught Health Careers and 1st year Nursing. Has assisted lawyers in winning the one and only landmark lawsuit for Morgellons sufferers.

She also has worked for the State of California with Traumatic Injury Patients, Developmentally Disabled and the Institutional Criminal Mental Health Division for Patton State Hospital and and the Fairview State Hospital.

Trisha Springstead  has appeared on Coast to Coast, Feet to the Fire,  WSVN Miami and has articles published by Jeff Rense and Luis Miranda of the Real Agenda and the National Public Health Alert.

See one of her latest interviews here:

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