Monday, October 14, 2013

ChemRisk, BP and Purple Strategies: A Tangled Web of Not-So-Independent Science by Cherri Foytlin on HUFFINGTON POST

SPOILER ALERT: BP hires the PR firm Purple Strategies, BP collects samples and provides them to Chemrisk for their "independent" study, Chemrisk (history of fraudulent industry induced science) produces a narrowly based study saying oil clean up workers from the 2010 BP Deep Water Disaster were not exposed to harmful levels of toxins, Purple Strategies (again, under the direction of BP) produces and pushes out a press release titled, "Study by Leading Scientific Consulting Firm Finds No Evidence of Health Dangers for Gulf Coast Cleanup Workers," which travels around the world through their exponential media networks with no further thought or investigation. BP buys the science, the media, the platform - and Gulf Coast workers and citizens continue to suffer from damning health effects to this day.

Cherri Foytlin's article on HUFFINGTON POST, read more here:

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