Friday, July 8, 2011


Recorded this week!
Spent the afternoon filming Black Skimmer nesting grounds. There was a heavy crude oil smell in the air. Strangely, a C-130 made 4 passes over the Gulf, flying low- to the point it appeared it might crash. Finally reported the oil smell and tarballs to the NRC. The officer who took the report asked me where I had spotted sheen. I said I did not report sheen but a heavy diesel/crude oil smell and tarballs. The end of this video shows the heavy contamination of some of the oil I had just picked up at 8:30 that night thanks to the UV light. They were glowing a very bright orange- this heavy fluorescent signature indicates a significant finding. (It is interesting to note that while I was in Pensacola Beach, tarballs were present there and there was a heavy crude oil smell- I also mentioned this to the officer who took the NRC report on July 6th.
***I approved someone's comment here, but BLOGGER did not publish it. Don't know why, but weird things are happening here on the Internet all the time. For that person who asked, why is this video private--because whoever filmed the video did not want YouTube to pull it--and that is happening all the time to people who are uploading controversial videos on YouTube. If you cannot view it here on this blog, hover over the top of the video frame and click on the title that appears there. It will take you to the YouTube page of the original uploaded video and you can view it there if YouTube permits you to. I am not a Scientologist (what difference would THAT make?) nor am I purposely keeping anything hidden on my blog. Anyone saying this is stirring up trouble, casting shades of doubt and discrediting me and what I am reporting here. There are trolls among you, weed them out and delete and block. I refuse to take part in any of that crazy-making.

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