Thursday, October 29, 2009


We need THIRD PARTIES and INDEPENDENTS TO STAND UP and stop straddling the fence between the TWIN POWERS that got us into this mess from the beginning. And we need people to STOP LISTENING TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA as there is very little truth there...and we need the people that are running (that have INTEGRITY, HONESTY and GUTS) to stand up and SAY NO to being paid off. There are no "spoilers" in the political process...not when millions are kept from voting or their votes are disenfranchised by not being counted, or by the candidates who are disenfranchised by not being allowed to debate or get media coverage...VOTE YOUR VALUES and support candidates who are not a part of the TWIN POWER system, the same old, same old, good cop/bad cop, pay to play, lesser of two evils ELECTION SYSTEM that we currently have. SUPPORT AND VOTE for candidates who have values that match your own!!! And by the way, the word "electable" was made up by the media. A candidate is ELECTABLE when you vote for him or her. Not when the mainstream media tells you they are!!! LISTEN candidates from your community that uphold your is our only recourse now. Standing on the street corner with a sign is not cutting it anymore. It is too late for that (for most people). People are losing their livelihoods for doing it. We have to think of more constructive ways of changing the status quo. WE NEED ELECTION/MEDIA REFORM and we NEED IT NOW before the next elections cuz by then it will be too late!

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