Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bye Macondo...

It appears the Macondo Well has had a hasty funeral

Is the last Rite for the Macondo Well for real?
by BK Lim
- 8 Nov 2010.
After the furry of activities at the Macondo site in the last week of October until today at 2am, the Macondo Well Site suddenly becomes quiet and abandoned. The unexpected removal of West Sirius out of the Macondo Site on 2 Nov apparently signaled a sudden 180ยบ change in the direction of operation. The ROV video showing the solitary wellhead with the cap labeled “In Memory of the Deep Water Horizon, 11” and a steady stream of gas bubbles coming out from the southern side of the wellhead, says it all.  Is the last rite for the ill-fated Macondo Well for real?
The pictures in the figures speak for themselves.  It is a clear admission of defeat.
Click on each picture to enlarge.

Gaping holes eroded by escaping gas

New fissures developing in the seafloor.

As if on cue, the presidential Gulf Oil spill panel issued their preliminary findings to absolve BP of blame.
“No evidence was found that a conscious decision was made to sacrifice safety in order to save money, the presidential Gulf oil spill panel said in preliminary findings released Monday  8 Nov 2010.”
“Fred Bartlit, Jr., the panel’s chief investigator, said in his presentation to the seven-member oil spill commission that he agreed with about 90 percent of BP’s findings, although the company left out some critical details and there were other areas where the panel’s probe will conflict.”
“““End of Quote.
If such blatant abuse of power, safety inconsideration, misconduct and public display of deception can be tolerated, there is little hope for the future. More man-made catastrophes loom in the horizon.  Tony Hayward can have his life of luxurious yachting back but can the American Public?  Can a dead well rest in peace when it is not really dead?
See the gapping fissures and blown out craters around the well before the BOP was removed and more cement pumped in on 6 Nov 2010 to fill up them up. These are understandably temporary patch-ups as the Macondo Disaster has already tilted beyond Patch-UP.

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