Friday, November 19, 2010

WEAR ABC 3 :: Coastal Crisis - Serious Effort to Remove Buried Oil

NOTE: Are there any agencies testing the water and sand for toxic levels of contaminants? Not a word about this!

PENSACOLA BEACH - If you head out to Pensacola Beach this weekend... you'll see a lot of heavy equipment near the entrance to Fort Pickens.

"Only on 3"...
It's part of a serious effort to remove buried oil.
This scene will soon be spread out across an eight mile stretch of Pensacola Beach... as cleanup crews are finally digging deep to get rid of any remaining oil.

Rick Pierce of Pace brought his friends down to see the beach... what they found.... looked like a construction site.

I was surprised to see this today... it was very nice to see....
That's because Rick quickly learned... these crews were digging out oil buried up to five feet deep.

We saw on your newschannel... how it was very deep... and its nice to see them going down so deep now to get it cleared up.

These crews are digging out the sand... which is then being taken over to a sifting machine... to separate the dried oil and other debris out of it.

The clean sand is then being trucked back over to where it came from.
The dried oil is being taken to a disposal site.

Its gonna be nice when its next summer... and everything back to normal...
But these crews expect everything to be back to normal by spring break.

Three more crews of the same size will soon join this one... and they hope to have all the buried oil on Pensacola Beach removed by March.

How much will this all cost?
The project manager says there's really now way to tell... and that BP has explained that he should spend the money needed to get it cleaned up for good.

Serious Effort to Remove Buried Oil

Friday, November 12 2010, 10:09 PM EST

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