Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Siesta Key, (SARASOTA, FLORIDA) GOM sample with 173 ppm of BP’s Oil (Macondo Prospect)

Siesta Key GOM sample with 173 ppm of BP’s Oil (Macondo Prospect)

Isn’t this what government is supposed to do? Test the water! They test it for everything else, and yet getting regular testing like this done seems to take an act of GOD.
Does BP have such a lock on the entire governmental system responsible for the necessary testing, interpreting and reporting of these kinds of results that we still do not hear from the EPA, FL DEP, NOAA, CDC, Coast Guard, State/County Public Health Departments, etc. in any substantive way. And when we do hear from the appropriate government bureaucracy, it’s pure propaganda.
So, here we have individual citizens putting up their own money to fund essential testing from a public health and safety standpoint. Isn’t this what are tax dollars are for? If so, what are they doing with the tax revenue besides promoting the BP marketing campaign. You know, the one that lulls you to sleep with the cyborg mouthing the words:
The seafood is safe to eat … don’t worry.
The water is safe to swim in … be happy.
The beaches are oil-free … come and relax.
Perhaps it’s time we all held those government authorities and departments accountable for at least doing their bare minimum jobs. Obviously, they have chosen to not hold BP responsible for anything. (See today’s headline below at Yahoo! News – 11/08/10)

“Panel: Dollars did not trump safety in Gulf spill”

If you still don’t believe it, here it is a couple of more times.


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