Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clear evidence that BP has failed to contain the leaks at the Macondo well site

The real picture must be really bad if they have to use a 157-day old wrong image.
– BK Lim
12 Nov 2010
On the 204th day of the continuing BP’s Oil Spill disaster, BP quietly informed through a teleconference on 10 Nov that the “plug and abandonment of the Macondo 152 well” was completed on 2 days ago. This was reported by the Voice of America ( with the title “BP abandons Damaged Gulf of Mexico Oil Well”.
Paul Zukunft: Good morning. This is Admiral Paul Zukunft. This is the 204th day of the Deepwater Horizon response. One milestone that probably most people were not aware of this week – two days ago, the plug and abandonment of the Macondo 252 well was complete. And in fact, when it was completed, the cap that went over it has 11 stars on it to memorialize the 11 lives lost during that tragic explosion on April 20.
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But what was most interesting was the picture they chose to display for the article. See figure 136-1.

Not only was the still image of the “well” outdated by more than 157 days (8 June 2010) it is also the wrong image of the well. On 8 June 2010, oil and gas were still gushing out of the first LRMP cap on top of the BOP after the riser had just been cut. See CNN video dated 8 Jun 2010 BP-releases-new-hd-video-of-leaking-oil-well.
Voice of America might not be aware that the date on the Oceaneering ROV is on dd-mm-yy British not American format. Thus 08-06-10 is 8 June 2010 and not 6 August 2010. One must wonder why was this particular image chosen?

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