Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Over 43 millions gallons of BP oil still in the Gulf

Before we praise BP and declare the disaster over, we still have crude in the Gulf. Even if NOAA report is correct and 75 percent has evaporated, been recovered or dispersed (whatever that means), we still have over 43 million gallons out there somewhere.

According to federal estimates, 4.1 million barrels translates to 172,200,000 gallons, of which 25 percent equals 43,050,000…. four times more than Valdez spill.

My reply to this post:
If the oil evaporated, it had to go SOMEWHERE…when water evaporates, it turns into rain and lands on something, either more water or land…it is not GONE…it does not just DISAPPEAR. This is 3rd grade Science class…

This is irresponsible reporting on the part of the media and for people to not take heed to this could have long term effects for the environment and all life forms here in the Gulf region…

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