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U.S. Air Force assisted BP by spraying dispersants

U.S. Air Force assisted BP by spraying dispersants
For OpEdNews: Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D. - Writer

On May 26, 2010, the EPA produced a memo directing BP to reduce its use of the chemical dispersant Corexit (produced by Nalco) by 75 percent (the maximum allowed was 15,000 gallons/day). The memo requested elimination of surface spraying but allowed a caveat indicating rare exceptions would be considered by submitting a request in writing to the United States Coast Guard's Federal On-Scene Coordinator. While the EPA was appearing to regulate and clamp down on the spraying of Corexit other government agencies were assisting BP in spraying of the toxic dispersant. Yes, the U.S. Government was enabling a corporate entity in spraying a dispersant which has been banned in Europe.

Thanks to citizen journalists on the ground, more information is unfolding concerning "behind the scenes" activities involved in the BP oil spill crisis. Citizens like Sandra Howard are finding themselves torn between what is being reported, what is actually being observed, and the polite civility to "keep one's mouth shut." Fishers, shrimpers, hotels, restaurants, and more are dealing with not only the economic devastation but the possibility of public health effects from the oil and dispersants. Citizens like Ms. Howard have found themselves embroiled in the Ground Zero of the worst oil spill in the history of the planet. The good folks of Mississippi are becoming the "eyes and ears" of truth by revealing topics such as BPs handling of dispersants and the dumping of oil-soaked booms and skimmers in the Pecan Grove landfill.

On May 20, 2010, Ms. Howard obtained these photos taken at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. The photos clearly show the dispersant spraying on behalf of BP as a U.S. military action. Also note, to date the dispersants are still being sprayed in Mississippi.

A military source indicates the dispersants were stored in the Nalco warehouse in Garyville, Louisiana and transported to Stennis Space Center for staging.

(Photos linked below by Sandra Howard)

I can confirm that night time flight activity from MacDill AFB here in Tampa was very active from May onwards and still continuing. Many flights at night and possibly connected to dispersant spraying operations in the Gulf. Congressman Edward Markey said that the Gulf was literally CARPET BOMBED with dispersants (this is a military term).

Here is more:
(There are videos at this link with eyewitness accounts and dispersant spraying from the cockpit of one of the AC involved in the mission. Their unit emblem, commands, checklist and ops are easily heard from the videotaping right in the cockpit.)
Lockheed Martin acknowledges DISPERSANT SPRAYING right in their newsletter:
But authorities, military, feds continue to deny but why shouldn't they?
This is ecocide and genocide and a crime against humanity.
Eyewitnesses from all over the Gulf Region say the night time flights are continuing.

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