Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oil Spill Seafloor Fractured So Bad Oil May Leak For Years

Over Two weeks after it was widely reported by those watching the BP live oil leak cam that a series of  explosions may have Gulf of Mexico sea floor to collapse the Government is now investigating those reports.
I first reported here that a series of those explosion of oil and debris continued and caused topkill to fail although there was no immediate mention of the event in the media, until now.
Last night on Countdown Keith Olberman said their is now evidence that an underground blowout may be happening causing oil to seep out of BP’s leaking well through in various places on the ocean floor.
Olbermann reported that BP discovered during the topkill procedure that the well was broken beneath the subsurface and that the mud being shot into the well was making it out of the sides of the casing and leaking into the rock surrounding the well.
Rob Cavner, an oil industry expert, called directly on BP to be transparent about the explosions that caused top-kill to fail and address the reports of the massive subsurface leaks on the internet that have been by the underground blowout.

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