Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project Gulf Impact: “Way more dispersant than ever before – large, thick oil plumes, freshly sprayed with poison”

Project Impact Finding Way More Dispersants Than Ever Before Off Organge Beach Alabama

BP is harassing an independent scientists who is exposing a cover up of toxic levels of oil and Corexit of the coast of Orange Beach, Alabama.

The chemist has even reported that there are fresh containers of Corexit and BP has hired a “blackwater”-like mercenary squad to spray the dispersants at night in an uncontrolled manner.

Today The Intel Hub tells us that Project Gulf Impact has headed to the area to document the event and reports they are now finding way more Corexit in the water than ever before on top of fresh plumes of oil floating in the water.

Today, Project Gulf Impact is out on the waters in and around Orange Beach Alabama. What they have found is exactly the opposite of what BP and the federal government have told the American people. Not only did they find oil but they apparently found what looks to be freshly sprayed dispersant, still in powder form.

Why is this toxic dispersant still being sprayed? Warnings from scientists and independent journalists have indicated that Corexit could effect the gulf for at least twenty years.

“Dead fish in Alabama – cells ruptured with lots of corexit and dispersed oil all around….The oil is thick, dispersant already trying to hide it, with dead catfish in plumes.”

As I am writing this article, Project Gulf Impact is still out on the waters. They are documenting the existence of oil and dispersant and will be uploading more videos/pictures. This is absolutely disgusting.

As more and more people wake up, the corporate news will continue to change the story, demonizing all movements against the banks, and continually lying about the severity of the Gulf Oil Disaster.

Photo by Project Gulf Impact/Intel Hub © 2010

Read the rest and view more photos over at The Intel Hub…

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