Friday, August 13, 2010

My Rant on Voting and Elections

I believe that politics is ISSUES BASED and has nothing to do with party or party loyalty or progressives, liberals, conservatives, etc. I know plenty of people who would consider themselves liberal or progressive, but that is only because they watch Stewart and Colbert on TV. 

The two main parties are one and the same...there is one party called the MONEY PARTY. They can SAY all they want, their actions in the past 10 years and even more show us that this is true. $$$ is what is needed--one has to pay to play!

A potential candidate can get on the ballot IF they can collect enough signatures, but 99% of the time, here in FL, they need to spend approximately $10,000 to buy a place on the ballot.

Candidates often get voted on based on ELECTABILITY which is a made up word with a different definition for each person who refers to it. If people think that a candidate's LOOK or how they SPEAK, or how much $$$ THEY HAVE makes them electable, that is pretty shallow. In most cases, the person who sincerely wants to serve the people with no selfish motives will be the candidate who has no money or backing. 

The candidate who gets put out of the running will be the one who is not "electable," with skeletons in the closet, a secret lover, a publicized affair, a weird hairdo or crossed eyes, unconfident speaking style, bad reputation (which may or may not be true), and a host of other things...

People in the USA for the most part, vote for the person who will not even tell them the truth!!! 

We need FAIR ELECTIONS to make sure that our process works in the future, we know it does not now. Votes are counted in secret (by computers) which is unconstitutional, and until this is remedied, voting and elections is nothing more than a dog and pony show.

Your support while they are campaigning is what they need.
Your VOTE puts them in the running...
Your vote may or may not be counted...

Anita Stewart
Candidate for Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board

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