Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shrimp Covered In Oil Found In BP Gulf Oil Spill Waters Being Opened For Fishing

The Federal Government’s cover up of the BP Gulf Oil Spill to save BP billions of dollars in fines and restitution still continues unabated.
Independent scientists have came forward and said the the Government took their data about underwater plumes of oil and told them to shut up.

Other scientists are saying that the Government is confiscating all data obtained from research regarding the oil spill that has not been approved by BP or the Government.

At the same time the Government is not sharing their data with independent scientists or the public but they immediately give all data they collect to BP.

Even a top level EPA official has turned whistleblower and said the Federal Government is covering up the lethality of Corexit and lying about water samples to help save BP billions of dollars in fines.

There are even reports of secret facilities set up by the Government to incinerate animal carcasses to save BP fines of up to $50,000 per dead animal.

The government also ignored its own protocols for opening fishing waters affected by the BP Gulf Oil Spill a move that puts millions at risk for becoming sick and developing long term chronic health affects including cancer.

The decision to open fishing waters came along side warnings from scientists that oil and dispersant had already contaminated the entire food chain from Texas to Florida and in some cases with visible oil still in the waters just miles from the areas being reopened and in other cases in locations where toxic water samples and confirmed dead zones created by the spill were located.


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