Sunday, September 19, 2010


The well is not dead. It will continue to poison us for years. What is dead:
1. Millions of fish in the Gulf
2. Thousands of sea birds
3. Thousands of sea creatures
4. Billions of microscopic creatures that keep the Gulf in balance
5. The jobs of thousands of Gulf residents
6. The once pristine Gulf beaches now seeping oil.
7. The confidence in our government once held by millions of Americans
8. The hope that Barack Obama would be a different President and not cave to the rich and powerful corporate interests.
9. The economy of the Gulf Coast now that BP can say, "The well is dead; time to go home."
10. Who knows how many lives when the effects of the Corexit/Oil combo start becoming more evident and more commonplace.
By Bob Jihi Merrill

***May I add that we will see sharp spikes in all sorts of illnesses, cancers and respiratory conditions, tainting of our food, to include seafood, cattle, anything grown in a garden and water supplies, continuing toxicity of the sea, aquifers, the air and our soil and the poisoning of our wildlife. The use of Corexit will take 20 years off of the life expectancy of anyone exposed to this dangerous poison.

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Dixey said...

I wish you'd add to your list millions of plants.