Monday, September 13, 2010

Testing the Water--can YOU HELP? began with a simple online conversation between two dedicated citizens about the need to test our water and openly publish the results in light of the recent oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Pure Water is LIFE and tainted and Poisoned Water is DEATH. Here in the Gulf Region, our local drinking water supplies, watersheds, aquifers, rivers, lakes, springs are all enmeshed and intertwined with the water in the Gulf of Mexico. Water keeps our local businesses and our tourist economy afloat.

Our grassroots movement of concerned citizens is dedicated to ascertaining the true magnitude of health risks associated with exposure to oil and chemical dispersants in the Gulf waters through independent laboratory testing. Our citizen's coalition supports the advocation of the Precautionary Principle when it comes to Environmental Protection & Safety.

The need to test the water is important, because as we here in the Gulf Region know, the independent labs that will work with us are few and the labs that work for the corporations, including BP and other oil companies might not always provide us with the truth about the toxicity levels of our waters.

Right now, we at are working hard to evaluate what areas need to be tested first and even more importantly, the kinds of tests that are needed. We also have a medical advisor who can speak with you regarding any toxicity symptoms you or your family may be experiencing. We are not paid. We offer these services to the people of the Gulf Region, because we truly care about our community and the people here. This is our home. We want to keep it safe so we, our wildlife and future generations can thrive here.

What is important to keep the tests ongoing is funding. These tests are costly and we at would like to keep them continuous and on a regular schedule. Our goal is to eventually take regular water samples here on the West Coast of Florida and publish the results once or twice a month. We can only do this with YOUR help.

Please help us help you. We need as much as you can give. If you can only send $5, every little bit helps. $60 can pay for one sample for oil testing. $325 can pay for dispersant testing.

We also need help in other ways. We need people who are willing to take the samples, people who can pay for packing materials and shipping costs, and others who can drive the samples to the labs.

Our health here in the Gulf Region depends on this initiative, indeed, our LIVES and our futures do, and those of our families.

Can you help?

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***No advice through is meant to replace/take the place of the importance of seeing your own physician or seeking out a physician for your own or your family's medical care.

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