Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Corporations are not people and money does not equal free speech.
THE CORPORATIONS RULE US...not our elected leaders. Does not matter what side of the aisle our leaders are from, they are ALL crooked and taking the... $$$ and making us drink the Kool Aid...NO MORE! I am SOOO done, stick a fork in me!

Do you think our leaders write the legislation that makes our laws? Think again! THE CORPORATIONS WRITE OUR LEGISLATION! Take the money out of politics, vote the corporate bastards out and elect CITIZEN LEADERS at all levels of government, the ones that are not on the take. If they have no money to finance their campaigns and are still running a campaign, then they are probably sincere, why else would they want to serve?...Vote for THOSE GUYS...

See http://www.opensecrets.org/ to see how much YOUR reps are taking...and from whom. And then EXPOSE them and don't vote for them! Encourage others to do the same. Then do not buy anything, just STOP...do not spend anything on retail, seek out recycled and repurposed and second hand for what you need. Get your food from Green markets, support your local businesses instead of BIG BOX stores...THAT is our REVOLUTION folks...and it will not include bloodshed. Just REFUSE to play their game...

Time for THIRD PARTIES and their candidates...

Anita Stewart
Sept 28, 2010

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