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6. GLOBAL WARMING: THE TRUTH. AND WHAT THE TRUTH MEANS. - New January 2005. Updated And Expanded August 2009.

                    "Yet the experience of four thousand years should enlarge our hopes, and diminish our apprehensions: we cannot determine to what height the human species may aspire in their advances towards perfection; but it may safely be presumed that no people, unless the face of nature is changed, will relapse into their original barbarism."

                                                              Edward Gibbon
                                                               The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire


                    "Optimism is cowardice."    Oswald Spengler


                    "Now I know it's a cliche, but yes I got conservative as I got older. Or, in my case, even more conservative. I guess you can see it in my talk show. Which, I'm proud to say, is about to enjoy its fourteenth anniversary next week.                                                                                 
                    And wouldn't you know it, but who would be trying to rain on my parade when I'm feeling this good, but some of the usual suspects, including a bunch of well-meaning environmental wackos, with their ultimate wackoism, Global Warming, the Y2K of the left. Let me tell you about Global Warming, folks. With a capital "G' and a capital "W". Because this is big stuff, really big stuff, friends. Stuff that's going to do us in.
                    "It's time to give you the other side. The truth."


                    "The sky is always falling, right? And now the sea is rising, right. To drown the sky, or what? Oh come on. The sea wouldn't do that to us. Actually, I have to say this, looking out from here, from my home here, I have to say the sea looks the same as it did when I moved in thirty-two years ago. You can say that's anecdotal. Like everything is anecdotal. I don't mean it has the same...fabulous, you know, very dangerous, very, very sexy beauty, like a dangerous woman. I mean, despite what I've read about millimeter-this and centimeter-that and who the hell in America still knows what the hell metrics mean and can't those elitist/internationalist snobs give it up and leave us alone with our inches? That's the main point-- it looks no higher than when I arrived. The only changes that weigh on me here, to be honest, are the human changes-- the wife I divorced, click, the second wife who split on her own, so god damn her, women who've come and gone, the changes that sadden and disappoint me in my own body, comings and goings, the new thing in the garage, very, very shiny, my fuck you SUV, the coarsening in the kids who hang out in town, those are things that weigh on me, because they are real.


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