Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up Near Venice, Open Genocide of the Gulf Continues

The Intel Hub

BP, with the help of multiple federal agencies, particularly Homeland Security, have openly poisoned the Gulf! From Fish Kills to dispersant being sprayed on humans, this situation has gone from bad to worse.

Thousands of dead fish and at least one dead whale were found Monday near a Venice shipping canal. Immediately the BP operatives went to work, citing oxygen levels and microbes yet completely IGNORING the possibility that this was caused by the toxic dispersant that they have continued to spray.

Let’s take a second to look back at the federal governments response to this disaster:

The EPA is letting BP spray a known neurotoxin on the oceans and people of the gulf. NOAA is demanding that scientists keep their mouth shut. The Coast Guard is actually spraying the dispersant. Homeland Security is confiscating samples and notes from multiple independent scientists. Is this really America?

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