Saturday, September 4, 2010

PLEASE SEE PREVIOUS POSTS WITH BATHYMETRIC CHART--(Updated) BK Lim Fires Back At BP Shills On The Oil Drum — With New Forensic Analysis of BP Bathymetric Chart

While BK Lim details his arguments for those problems in his post a second story emerges here in which BK Lim directly attacks the BP shills on The Oil Drum for their participation in the cover up for BP.

Like many, I followed the intense discussions at The (TOD) to get some fair technical coverage of the BP’s oil spill disaster. As the disaster wore on, I started to wonder why industry experts like Art Berman, Rockman and many supporting actors (Rocdoc, PinkFud, Quaking, CraigWcoop & others) were so defensive of BP’s lies and zealously stamping out any independent bloggers’ views. If they had been truly professional and interested in seeking and disseminating the truth of the disaster, why were they not discussing incriminating issues that BP seems to be avoiding? Granted that nuking the gushing well was not really a good idea, but why should they be bitterly thrashing Matt Simmons’ apparently valid assertions as well.


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