Saturday, July 3, 2010

Plants Affected by the Corexit Dispersant in the form of Rain?

No one knows...but the plants are dying. They are posted on my friend, Coralynn's photo album on her Facebook page.

Per Coralynn: Go ahead and copy and paste all you want of the photos to get the word out. People have to be warned. Lives are hanging in the balance. Narcissistic GREED is not the answer--community sharing, caring, and teamwork is the only way to have hope of a future day. Location is the woods and yards near Clubhouse Road in Mobile Alabama, and ALL across the coastal region, for that matter...

Thanks for your Warrior Spirit. Keep up the Fight--Blessings to you and Victory for us ALL, I pray.

(***Emphasis added in caps by me!)

Link to the pictures:

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