Monday, July 19, 2010

Can anybody explain this?


Anonymous said...

Where was this Vid. Taken At?

From what I have learned about this there are a growing number of people that think this is methane hydrate causing the water to look almost carbonated... Please email me back as to the Location. I have seen this same type thing around Pensacola...

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Yvonne Stewart-Taylor said...

I am no expert but did Study Science at Degree level. Including fresh water biology. I believe the fix shown in your film on the surface of the ocean could be due to an aerobic growth of bacteria. As the water is polluted with oil this could speed up a normal process into this exaggerated reaction. As micro plankton and protozoa growth increases. This will more than likely be nature trying to deal with the foreign body, oil and gasses.I will try to do some research into this.

Jacques said...

The analysis of the oil given to me shows high levels of H2S gas


high nitrogen content

1900 ppms

high methanol content <20 ppms

it's not methane hydrates they are's nitrogen hydrates...methanol is volatile, and frees hydrates rapidly...they are formed rapidly in the presence of H2S gas...the particular microbes on the OCS are high H2S gas producers...they are a known problem for petroleum companies..i have a ton of info on my site for you guys to read.

You blog is great, keep up the great work !!

Anita Stewart said...

This was from Denise Rednour from Long Beach, MS.