Friday, July 9, 2010

BP, Governments Downplay Public Health Risk From Oil and Dispersants (PHOTOS)

This is not a political party issue. This is about the American people. Our government is not in charge, BP and the other corporations are. Our government allowed for 3700 operational oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and this has been going on for decades. Our reps all took money from BIG OIL...and they were from BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE, they need to give the money back...AND it is time to VOTE THEM ALL OUT. And then take the $$$ out of campaigning and vote in citizen leadership that doesn't HAVE any money, therefore no conflict of interest. This ecocide and genocide will affect our nation and our people for years to come. Medical alerts should have been issued all along the Gulf Coast a long time ago. I was saying this same thing back at the beginning of May.

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