Thursday, July 8, 2010

Scientists Sound Alarm As Arsenic Levels Rise In Seawater Around The BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The toxic effects of oil are pretty well known and I have warned about the effects of the neurotoxin pesticide, Corexit, that BP has been using to hide the Gulf oil spill from the public and have further reinforced those warnings here.

Scientists are now raising the alarm about yet another threat to the sea life and in fact the entire food chain in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Gulf Oil Spill, the threat of arsenic.

On arsenic reports:

* Scientists warn of rising arsenic levels
* News further adds to BP’s clean up woes
* Energy firm hit by rising clean up costs

BELEAGUERED energy giant BP was hit with further bad news this morning as it emerged dangerous arsenic levels have been found in seawater around the Gulf of Mexico.

British scientists warned that the oil spill is increasing the level of arsenic in the ocean, and could further add to the devastating impact on the already sensitive environment.

BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig has been spilling between 3,681,500 litres and 911,454,000 litres of oil into the sea per day since it exploded on April 22.

The spill is already being labeled as America’s worst environmental disaster and has turned into a economic and PR nightmare for the British company.

Scientists Sound Alarm As Arsenice Levels Rise In Seawater Around The BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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Arsenic is contained in corexit