Thursday, July 22, 2010

EPA Lies About BP Gulf Oil Spill Water Samples Exposed

The Federal Government has gone through great lengths to assure the public that BP Gulf Oil Spill seafood is safe even though an independent investigation into safety has raised some shocking concerns.

Even as tar balls have assaulted the Gulf coast NOAA and BP have continued to say the sea food is safe to eat and the beaches are safe to swim in.

Seeing this behavior coming from our Government raises serious questions about the whether or not Gulf waters are really safe.

To help shed some light on the subject I created an application to allowed water sampling data be easily manipulation and displayed in a manner to help make sense of all the data and by isolating the information I have made some startling revalations.

I am not the only one that is concerned with the safety of Gulf waters, even CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta has warned that despite the Government’s assurances no one can claim that Gulf seafood is safe.

NOAA has even admitted that the neurotoxin pesticide dispersant Corexit that BP is using to hide the oil from the public may have made its way into the food chain.

To make matters worse the Governments continual lies about the location of the oil coming from BP’s leaking well has done little more than slowly erode the waning trust of the public.

The Government’s actions have prompted citizen journalists to pay for independent water tests that contradicted the Government water samples.

Even a local news station ran independent tests that also contradicted the EPA’s water sampling data.

The water samples that the news station collected were so toxic that the last sample actually exploded when the lab tried to test it.


EPA Lies About BP Gulf Oil Spill Water Samples Exposed

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