Thursday, July 8, 2010

Government Takeover Of Official BP Gulf Oil Spill Website Data Will Disappear And Links Will Break

In case you have not read it yet the official BP Gulf Oil Spill website,, will soon be taken over by the Federal Government and will be moved from it’s current “.com” domain to a new “.gov” domain.

While normally I would welcome an announcement that the Federal Government is stepping up to take over more control of the BP Gulf Oil Spill this move seems to scream of a smoke and mirrors stunt.

Moving an entire web site to a new domain in the middle of a crisis seems to lack any sense of logic because millions of links to web pages and documents on the site will likely become broken.

Simply put the move lacks an sense of logic unless of course the Federal Government is looking for a way to make the information on the site disappear with raising to many eyebrows.

Seriously this is bad news for those of us trying to document the ongoing cover up that continues to unfold during the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

Call me a conspiracy theorists of a “tin foil hatter” all that you want but think about it.

I must have dozens of links to “official documentation” that is on the site and by now there must be hundreds of millions of web pages on the Internet with similar links.

You can be rest assured that when the Federal Government takes over the site and moves it to a the new “.gov” domain every single one of those links will break.

Furthermore some of those the documents on the site will undoubtedly disappear altogether .

Then there is the problem of links in the content and documents on the website itself that will break as they will point to the old website.

Shortened links using third party link shorteners for sites like Twitter and Facebook will also become broken.

Still not convinced this is smoke and mirrors?

I thought to myself, let me make a web crawler to download the entire website before its gone.

But I soon ran into a problem. The Deepwater Horizon Response web site does not just host the official BP Gulf Oil Spill response website but it also hosts dozens of other Government web sites as well.

Try this. Go to and enter the search phrase “site:”, without the quotes.

Observe the first page of the search results and you’ll notice some of the different Government websites hosted there.

See more of this story at the LINK BELOW and snag some screen shots if there is anything on the Deepwater site you want to save.

Government Takeover Of Official BP Gulf Oil Spill Website Data Will Disappear And Links Will Break


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