Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coast Guard Media Liaison Works for BP's PR Agency

There is nothing more obvious than a conflict of interest here. And we still do not know who is really in charge and who to hold accountable. This is treason, ecocide and genocide, plain and simple. Our military (including the Coast Guard) is there to protect the corporate interests, not those of WE THE PEOPLE. Yet again and again, we hear how our military is protecting our FREEDOMS? Our FREEDOM(S) from WHAT exactly? Not buying something? Not believing what our government tells us? Our inability as mainstream media or independent media to report on THE TRUTH of what we see? Who is going to answer these questions and explain this to us?

Coming from a military family and as a veteran myself and a member of Veterans for Peace, I am appalled that my tax dollars and our military is being used to keep CITIZENS who want to help, OUT of the affected areas and our media from reporting on the truth so others may know and there is documentation as to what is happening here. Aren't these FREEDOMS that our military is supposed to be protecting?

We are being OCCUPIED. The region is on LOCK DOWN because the occupiers are afraid of what we might see, a foreign entity has taken over our Gulf region and they are calling the shots and making the rules.

Crimes being committed? Treason, Violation of the First Amendment, Ecocide and Genocide and Illegal Occupation.
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