Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UPDATE: Tar balls wash ashore on St. George Island, FL

Reported by: Mika Highsmith
Email: mhighsmith@wtxl.tv
Last Update: 9:52 am

ST. GEORGE ISLAND, Fla. -- More than a year after the oil spill in the gulf, tar balls are showing up on the shores of St. George Island State Park.

Officials say there's no reason to be alarmed.

Seashells, seagulls and sunbathers - images often found on the beach. But, right now folks also dealing with balls of tar scattered along an eight mile stretch.

Officials say don't be alarmed, pointing out this tar is different, uncharacteristic of the deep water horizon spil

“The Deep Water Horizon Oil is more of a brown in fact, its so watered down it looks like chips of brownies, as you can see here, this is black and gooey,” explained Pam Brownell.

Brownell is Director of Emergency Management for Franklin County. She says there's a strong possibility this tar came from a tanker that dumped it's engine waste offshore.

“What people don't realize is that gulf out there burps is what we call it, it opens up and it belches gas and oil and that will come to the shore.”



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