Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yes, They Lied; Yes, a Million Died; and Yes, They Want It To Go On

THURSDAY, 12 MAY 2011 21:19
Why have a million innocent people been killed in Iraq by the cataclysm unleashed by the Anglo-American invasion and occupation? Here's why:
A top military intelligence official has said the discredited dossier on Iraq's weapons programme was drawn up "to make the case for war", flatly contradicting persistent claims to the contrary by the Blair government, and in particular by Alastair Campbell, the former prime minister's chief spin doctor. In hitherto secret evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Major General Michael Laurie said: "We knew at the time that the purpose of the dossier was precisely to make a case for war, rather than setting out the available intelligence, and that to make the best out of sparse and inconclusive intelligence the wording was developed with care."
Laurie, who was director general in the Defence Intelligence Staff, responsible for commanding and delivering raw and analysed intelligence, said: "I am writing to comment on the position taken by Alastair Campbell during his evidence to you … when he stated that the purpose of the dossier was not to make a case for war; I and those involved in its production saw it exactly as that, and that was the direction we were given." ...
Laurie said he recalled that the chief of defence intelligence, Air Marshal Sir Joe French, was "frequently inquiring whether we were missing something" and was under pressure. "We could find no evidence of planes, missiles or equipment that related to WMD [weapons of mass destruction], generally concluding that they must have been dismantled, buried or taken abroad. There has probably never been a greater detailed scrutiny of every piece of ground in any country." ...
The document is one of a number released by the Chilcot inquiry. They include top secret MI6 reports warning of the damage to British interests and the likelihood of terrorist attacks in the UK if it joined the US-led invasion of Iraq. However, a newly declassified document reveals that Sir Kevin Tebbit, then a top official at the Ministry of Defence, warned the defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, in January 2003 that the US would "feel betrayed by their partner of choice" if Britain did not go along with the invasion.
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Truth Troubadour said...

Why are we not talking about the WMD that was actually used by the US & UK to completely destroy the infrastructure of Iraq? Weapons of Mass Destruction were used to destroy a modern first world accomplishment of hospitals, universities, transportation, water treatment works, communications, museums, and even radio stations, by funds from a nationalized energy sector. What happened to the boxes of documents delivered to the UN just before the G W Bush, Dick Cheney, neo-con, Democratic Party supported, devastation of that country? These documents were seized by the US most likely because they had receipts of what chemical & bio items were purchased from the US. Why did Senator Biden not let weapons inspector Scott Ritter testify to the Foreign Affairs Committee? Anyway, thanks to Anita for yet another item establishing how we were lied to and how there is no accountability for these crimes. They just want to move on to the next big oil war, this time in Libya.