Saturday, May 21, 2011

Video Taken of Oil on the beaches of Applachicola, Florida 5/11/11. My friend Trisha, RN and Scientist Speaks!

Oil Under the Gulf of Mexico Sand - Bio Remediation of the Gulf Oil Spill Bioremediation is all about cleaning up oil and water and the bioremediation in the Gulf of Mexico right now is a major concern and will be for some time to come. In this video we're cleaning up some samples of oil beneath the sandy beaches in Apalachicoloa Florida where waves laden with oil have lapped against the sand, which filters the oil and settles inches below. Our Baad Bugs Brand of BioRem 2000 remediates (not disperses) the oil virtually immediately. It does so safely, quickly and, as you'll see, even a child can touch it and not be harmed in the least. Special guest speaker scientist and Registered Nurse Patricia Springstead speaks.

***Still wanna eat that Gulf Seafood? Or sunbathe on the beach? Or let your children make sandcastles?

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Janelle said...

How come this video is private?