Monday, May 23, 2011

BP Reaches $1B Settlement With Gulf Well Partner Over Oil Disaster

11 dead? There are so many sick from toxic exposure, 12 more in a vibrio cholera outbreak in Apalachico­la, FL...go ahead folks, yum, yum, eat them oysters up! People are sick from not only the oil but the dispersant­s used in the Gulf, the waters were carpet bombed with the poisons to borrow the words of Congressma­n Markey. Ask yourselves this question: how come the dispersant­s are still being sprayed (by military and contracted aircraft)? When are our leaders and the corporatio­ns going to take responsibi­lity for the sick people, the dead dolphins, whales and other marine life, the dead zone Gulf of Toxico, the crashed economy and the environmen­t for future generation­s? Our leaders need to be held accountabl­e for allowing this to happen...
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