Friday, May 13, 2011

Florida Congressmen Clash on Offshore Drilling

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David Rivera leads the charge while Corrine Brown wants no drilling in eastern Gulf
BY: KEVIN DERBY | POSTED: MAY 12, 2011 3:55 AM

Members of the Florida congressional delegation clashed Wednesday as the U.S. House of Representatives started kicking over three bills that emerged last week out of the Committee on Natural Resources. All three focused on energy.

Republicans who control the House are advancing the bills -- which would expand offshore energy production -- and they insist that this will lead to relief for Americans plagued by high gas prices. The House leadership has dubbed the three collectively "the American Energy Initiative."

“Since last year, American domestic oil production has decreased by 16 percent and gas prices are at upward of $4 per gallon,” said Florida Republican Congressman David Rivera, a member of the Natural Resources Committee. “Consumers see the effects of rising fuel costs in their daily lives, and my constituents are being squeezed by these rising prices. The Obama administration does not seem to have a coherent plan to expand supplies and help ease price pressure, but House Republicans do.”

Representatives David Rivera and Corrine Brown
Representatives David Rivera and Corrine BrownHide

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