Saturday, April 30, 2011

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The HUMAN factor now begins to dominate the GULF OIL SPILL victim list.  Sea life, mammals, birds, insects, all wetland life and seepage inland through water tributaries like the Mississippi River are beginning to show the signs of corexit / crude destruction / death.  Join us on HERE BE MONSTERS All Liberal Talk Radio today for a conversation that explores what is not being acknowledged or addressed by our government or BP...  
The only place you can find the TRUTH is posted on the internet or in your mailbox... your voice is required to manifest the grassroots effort we need to bring the crisis to national and global awareness.   

The justBernard Show

A year later, BP is still in the cross-hairs of many. And anger against the company has not subsided along the Gulf Coast. Roughly 4.9 million barrels of oil blew out of BP's broken well and bled into the water, with a portion of that crude making landfall along the coastline. Add in the unknown effect of 1.84 million gallons (7 million L) of chemical dispersants, much of which were applied directly to the well deep below the surface of the ocean — something that had never been done before. Anita Stewart from the Hillsborough County Soil & Water Board returns to update us on the effects and toll the spill has taken.

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Guest: Anita Stewart
Anita is the Green Party candidate who with only $300, social networking and her singular grassroots efforts in the community achieved success being elected to the Hillsborough County Soil and Water Conservation Board - SEAT 5.  She understands intimately how to establish and work the TRUTHSAYING within our global consciousness via *the internet*. Anita has been a consistent resource in uncovering the ongoing poisoning of our Gulf basin. 

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