Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teabagger Violence Mars Tax Day Rally With Sen. Marco Rubio (Tampa 4/17/11)

***NOTE FROM ANITA: This is what happened to my friends on Saturday in Tampa.

The Tea Party people and their esteemed list of speakers and of course CORPORATE AND LOBBYIST Sponsors were not without opposition. My wife and I ended up being the ONLY Anti-Propagandists to show up to this hypocritical... and mis-informing event.

I brought my trusty new megaphone with me and spent my time in between being PHYSICALLY ACCOSTED... by one individual whose overtly aggressive behavior we captured on video as we she committed her acts of violence upon my person as well as my wife. I with some degree of success through exercise of my first amendment rights was able to convey the hypocritical nature of the entire event which was sponsored by Corporate Sponsors including LOBBYING groups from DC e.g., Americans for Prosperity , Americans for Freedom, Robert Watkins and Company....

In the end I was confronted with a gentleman who was apparently was in charge of event security, although he later said he used to be in business doing diagnostic imaging and said that he would do MRI's for $245 dollars!

It was amazing to have all of these people (350-450tops), perhaps 15-20 of which were first accosting me. One gentleman first got right up in my face and screamed at the top of his lungs calling ...me an A**%ol@ repeatedly, then was grappling me around my shoulders when a woman came up and struck me in the arm with great purpose accompanied by a barrage of "colorful" expletives. When her "active "baiting" of this writer failed to elicit the retaliation so desired (so that her GROUP could jump on me in unison)... she turned her attention to my wife who was 1. Holding a large sign, 2. Holding a still camera and 3. Filming me with a hand held video camera. After taking a minimum 10 foot running start the attacker belted the video camera striking my wife in the face, leaving lipstick on the camera. She is observed in the video taking multiple shots at my wife with kicks and fists.

As I noted earlier the news coverage was markedly embellished as to NUMBERZ in attendance, attributing attendance numbers to "organizers" (5,000 attendees), without ANY critical analysis of said figures which were so exponentially OVERBLOWNNNN ...as to be beyond laughable.

As if people were BOTH coming and GOING from the event at a rate of ohhh about 1,000 people per hour... Where were the cars? The foundation of the coverage was ludicrous!

Just one MORE example of HOW... "IN THE TANK" the CORPORATE MEDIA is with the FARRR RIGHT. Relentlessly "PUMPING" Marco to the N'th degree!

Lastly, I had to deal with "Black Water Guy" (alias BWG), up in my face... telling me "You Don't Know WHO I Am and you're very fortunate..."

Well, if ya got a guy with a BUTTONED suit on a hot day with a very serious set of shades on, shaved head and a U.S. Marine lapel button on... I'm smart enough to know which one of us is... the "trained killer." And I told him so!!! So this is what America has come to? Get in line and SHUT UP! Or else??? Lots of church goers here too!

My message was about informing people in attendance how THEY were being used as PAWNS for the Corporation. THINK!!!!

True it was just my wife and myself, but I carry a BIG Megaphone. Here is the link for the corporate sponsors for this event. http://taxdaytampabay.com/OurSponsors.html

It is BLASPHEMY in the opinion of the Corporate Sponsored Organizers for their audience to hear about something like say Medicare for All... which is NOT Socialized Medicine, and clearly makes sense to the average person.

As someone who has a pretty fair understanding of formulation of National Health Policy... and IF Marco listened to what I was saying, would have heard me criticize ObamaCare... for the Insurance Industry CONCOCTED CORPORATIST policy that it is, while offering in the same breath the Medicare for ALL LOGICAL alternative.

As for the media reporting, I was not surprised that there was some LOOSE editing OUT of CONTEXT of the content of my remarks by the CORPORATE televised News Media, (FOX). IMAGINE THAT???

Of note, was the observation that the woman who assaulted my wife and myself appeared to get in to the SUV with Marco as he was departing the event. Questions, questions! Myself and two other witnesses observed this!

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***NOTE: The woman's name is Lisa Carole Bamberger of St. Petersburg, Florida. Born 5/22/1967. White, red hair, and she left in Senator Marco Rubio's limo.