Thursday, April 14, 2011

Law gives Florida's electric monopolies control of solar energy

By Howard Troxler, Times Columnist 
In Print: Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two opposite ways to approach solar energy in Florida, long overdue:

The first way:

Let a million flowers bloom. Dedicate ourselves to the goal that X percent of our energy has to come from solar and other alternative sources.

Pass aggressive laws to encourage solar. Create an open market that rewards the better mousetrap. Throw open the state to competition, innovation and jobs.

The second way:

Just put Florida's electric companies in charge.

Let the traditional electric monopolies build (or not build) centralized, larger-scale solar projects as they see fit.

Let them automatically bill their customers as they choose, outside normal regulation, putting hundreds of millions if not billions into their pockets in coming years.

Don't require the electric companies to deal with anybody else, or at least not much.

Which will Florida choose?

Here's a hint. The decision is up to our state Legislature.

Want another hint?

The state's biggest electric company, Florida Power & Light, really, really wants the second approach.


***My comment at the bottom of the online news article:
"Are they going to legislate and sell the energy from the sun that is used in my garden? Sun energy is free and we could power the whole planet in addition to creating many jobs if it was used and harnessed in the proper way, for the people...not for the corporations who will sell this free energy back to us at the highest rates they can get away with. Time for a change in Tallahassee and in DC too! Not just the word but the energy and the actions behind the word CHANGE..."

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