Friday, April 22, 2011

Lab Rats and Guinea Pigs--Kenneth Feinberg, the BP $$$ Handler Runs Away from Sick and Dying People (Video)

Kenneth Feinberg (AKA Black Heart Feinberg) Came to New Orleans on the anniversary of the BP disaster. Mr. Feinberg, who works FOR BP spent most of his time with pep rally type speech making. When it came time for "public question and answer" time he was getting some pretty hot questions. When he saw the line-up he said just a couple more questions and called Drew Landry to the mic. After Drew was Paul Doomm, a young man confined to a wheelchair since the end of Summer 2010 after swimming in the Gulf. After all, the government said it was safe.
A lot of controversy has surrounded Paul's illness.
That doesn't give Black Heart Feinberg the right to ignore him.

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