Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Local says BP is ‘killing everything;' biologist, boat captain beg to differ (PHOTOS, VIDEO and POLL)

After spending most of last week knee-deep in seaweed, Jeff Howorth wants BP to come back to the beach and clean up their mess.

“Nobody is out here doing anything,” he said. “Having the BP cleanup crews here during the summer was just a show for the tourists — now that they are almost gone; BP has cleared out and they probably won’t be coming back.”

Howorth, who plucked up a hand-sized tar ball while walking the beach recently, invited The Log up to his 10th floor Gulf front condo on Scenic Highway 98 to share his concerns about the oil, dispersants and the “unusual” amount of seaweed that has filled area beaches.

The part-time Destin resident has been coming to the Emerald Coast since 1998 and has never seen this much seaweed before. While walking the beach and talking to The Log, Howorth stepped into the thick seaweed that spread close to 50-yards across the beach and 10-yards into the water.

As he stepped further out toward the water, the bright green seaweed worked its way up his leg until he was knee-deep in the slime.

Shuffling his feet in the sand as he walked, Howorth said “there are tar balls all over the beach.” Picking one up, he said the “dispersants that were sprayed” caused the normally pliable soft tar to dry up and become almost chalk-like as he crushed it between his fingers.



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